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That simple’ marks the start of a new phase for the brand and, above all, for the institution. This phase is strongly anchored to the customer and the goal of making Bankia society’s bank of choice.

At the beginning of the decade, Spain was struggling under the impact of a global crisis that affected the financial system as a whole; and in Spain, Bankia was at the epicentre of that crisis, to the extent that it became a subject of discussion in Europe.

At the end of 2012, following the approval of a restructuring plan, Bankia entered a new phase. A watershed campaign was launched under the slogan ‘Let’s start with principles’, a message that appealed to deeper values and called on the bank’s team to seize the initiative.

The bank’s professionals internalised the importance of doing things right in Bankia, so as to help the bank and Brand Spain recover. After that came the ‘Let’s keep working’ campaign, a statement of intent launched in 2015 and continuing until mid- 2019.

Over that period, Bankia created a new style, one that established it as a brand that communicates with clear, simple concepts, a brand in which the customer leads the way. That is why, in 2019, Bankia felt the need to do better and convey the message that it is now in a new phase by adopting the slogan ‘That simple’.

Simplicity is the territory Bankia has come to occupy because somehow that has always been its home. Who puts this slogan into effect and how? The bank’s professionals and IT solutions, which create new possibilities for customers.

‘That simple’ expresses Bankia’s desire to build a lasting relationship with its customers by doing its best to ensure that the service, whether online or offline, is always accessible, agile, simple, convenient and satisfactory.

The ‘That simple’ concept encompasses three sets of attributes: on the one hand, availability, operability and agility; on the other, having an efficient, high quality service; and lastly, the values of closeness and commitment.

Simplicity is having a personal account manager in whatever channel you choose, being able to pay however you like, having open-access solutions to help your company sell more, being able to withdraw cash from ATMs without a card, or being able to open an account through any channel.

The start of a new phase

‘That simple’ marks the start of a new phase for the brand and, above all, for the institution. This phase is strongly anchored to the customer and the goal of making Bankia society’s bank of choice. Customer satisfaction is therefore one of the key elements, as set out in the bank’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

The launch of the new positioning expresses a vision of the brand as defining a unique and differentiating experience and relationship for the customer.

The bank wants to be part of the most important moments in its customers’ lives, maintaining a close relationship and communicating with them efficiently. That way, Bankia’s professionals will be able to provide customers with the information that best suits their profile whenever they need it most.

When it comes to transferring this way of doing things to the business, ‘That simple’ means identifying the primary touch points and converting the brand proposition into a brand experience.


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