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Relationship with the environment

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Bankia is commited to best banking practices, which means treating risk management as a strategic pillar, having firm criteria for the financing of sensitive activities and making the fight against climate change a factor in decision-making.




Bankia has made environmental management a part of its decision making process, aligning it with business strategy and including environmental governance in its management.

As part of its environmental commitment, the bank has the 2017-2020 Eco-Efficiency and Climate Change Plan, which sets out the path to achieving carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2) by 2020.

By following this path, the bank has succeeded in reducing its CO2 emissions by up to 40%, thanks to initiatives such as the switch to green electricity providers in former BMN offices and branches and the introduction of innovative technologies such as the use of cogeneration systems in air conditioning equipment.

In 2019, Bankia formulated its internal strategy for setting an internal carbon price in 2020. Bankia’s climate commitment and internal climate change management have allowed it to position itself as a green bank, a fact that has been recognised by the analysts at CDP Climate Change 2019, who awarded Bankia an A-rating as one of the leading companies in this field at world level.

Over the past year, Bankia also invested 7.6 million euros in making its facilities more efficient and continued its campaigns to reduce paper consumption, donate furniture and electronic and electrical equipment to non-profit organisations, and recycle writing materials (pens, highlighters, etc.) and plastic caps.

The bank has five buildings that are acknowledged as models of efficient management–Pintor Sorolla, 8 in Valencia; Paseo de la Castellana, 189, and Las Rozas in Madrid; Triana, 20 in Las Palmas; and Miguel Villanueva, 9 in Logroño–all certified by AENOR to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Bankia has also launched a circular economy initiative focused on the separation and composting of pruning waste in the Las Rozas building: the green waste is converted into compost, which is used as fertiliser in the gardens surrounding the facilities.

In the field of sustainable purchasing and procurement, Bankia has analysed in detail the CO2 emissions associated with its suppliers and the services they provide.

In 2020, Bankia will continue to work towards meeting the targets of its Eco-Efficiency and Climate Change Plan, including environmental certification of two new work centres; the extension of environmental training to the professionals who joined Bankia in the recent merger; and progress towards direct carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2) by reducing emissions that can be avoided and offsetting those that cannot.

Responsible purchasing

Bankia has a purchasing policy built around responsible management based on independence, transparency, ethical and responsible behaviour, objectivity and diversification, with the aim of fostering balanced wealth generation and the pursuit of efficiency. This policy and the principles of Responsible Purchasing apply to all Bankia Group  companies and employees, especially those involved in the procurement of goods and services.


To enter into a business relationship with Bankia, a supplier must pass the approval process, which focuses on ethical, social and  environmental performance. Suppliers are required to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdictions in which the bank operates and preference is given to those that align themselves with the principles of the Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Economic, social and environmental risk is also taken into account.

In line with its digital transformation, the bank conducts relations with its suppliers through digital channels, facilitating transparency, impartiality, equal opportunities and active listening.

In 2019, Bankia passed the annual UNE 15896 audit, confirming the excellence of the bank’s purchasing management system and certifying its conformity with best business practices at the European level.

Projects to be addressed in 2020 include the renewal of UNE 15896 Purchasing Management certification and the organisation of the fifth annual Suppliers Day.

Social action

During 2019, the bank strengthened its strategy, methodology and priority lines of Social Action, which are centred on:


981,825 euros invested and 43,600 beneficiaries.

Main initiatives:

  • Retraining programme, in collaboration with the Red Cross, for people over 45 affected by the crisis and women victims of gender violence (3,211 participants, 1,425 placed in jobs).
  • Programme with Fundación Konecta to provide training for women victims of gender violence (15 beneficiaries).
  • Programme with Fundación Integra to help former prisoners, victims of gender violence and people with disabilities find employment (90 beneficiaries).
  • Programme with SECOT and Caritas for entrepreneurs (1,400 beneficiaries).
  • Programme with Randstad to provide training, guidance and counselling to unemployed customers and family members (86 people served and 39 placed in jobs).

Local and rural development

6.3 million euros invested and 251,300 beneficiaries.

Main initiatives:

  • Calls for project proposals, in collaboration with the bank’s 11 original foundations (229.000).
  • Support for welfare and sociocultural programmes, local entrepreneurship and the fight against depopulation.
  • Support for the conferences organised by Fundación Lo Que De Verdad Importa, which fosters values among young people (12,000 attendees).


619,331 euros invested and 5,600 beneficiaries.

Main initiatives:

  • Launch of the first calls for environmental project proposals in the Valencian Community, the Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha (23 beneficiary entities).
  • Support for environmental and sustainable development projects, in collaboration with the original foundations (22 projects supported).
  • Opening of a credit line for environmental emergencies. In 2019, credit was provided to repair the damage caused by the fire on Gran Canaria and the torrential rains in Murcia, southern Valencia and parts of Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Collaboration project with WWF Adena to recover 60 hectares of the Tablas de Daimiel wetlands.


2.48 million euros invested and 172,000 beneficiaries.

Main initiatives:

  • Support for Fundación Randstad’s ‘Integrados’ programme for the labour market inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Support for Fundación ONCE’s ‘Oportunidad al talento’ scholarships.
  • With Fundación Bancaja, ‘Capaces’ call for projects to support the social and labour market inclusion of people with functional diversity.
  • Encouragement for procurement of services by Bankia through Special Employment Centres. Amount invoiced: 1.3 million euros.

Housing and new poverty

3.38 million euros invested and 95,700 beneficiaries.

Bankia maintains a pool of homes for vulnerable people, who are offered a social rent on favourable terms adapted to their ability to pay. In 2019, the bank signed 377 social rent agreements (108 homes ceded under Catalonia’s Law 4/2016), bringing the total number of social rent housing agreements to 3,766. The bank set aside 3.29 million euros to cover maintenance and repair of the homes.

Bankia also has agreements to expedite social housing allocation in the Community of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and La Rioja. The agreements with local governments help streamline the process by which homes are allocated through social services.

Corporate volunteering

During the year, Bankia’s professionals have a wide range of opportunities to contribute to the bank’s Social Action, including volunteering in financial education and environmental events, sitting on local juries for calls for project proposals, working with local NGOs through Bankia’s ‘Solidarity Network’, or taking part in the ‘Planta tu Proyecto’ programme, in which volunteers within the bank present their NGOs to colleagues in order to receive financial support.

In 2020, Social Action will promote innovative environmental projects that support sustainable development, further encourage the involvement of its professionals by promoting professional volunteering and financial education, and improve the measurement of project impact in terms of achievement of objectives.




Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual

For the Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual, after four years of increasing activity in which it has promoted almost a hundred projects, 2019 was a year of consolidation.

The Foundation aims to once again benefit more than 3,500 students in 2020, giving them a better training and making them more employable. To do that, it will maintain its main lines of action, which include the Dualiza grants for VET centres throughout Spain that implement projects in collaboration with companies. For the first time, the Foundation will promote more active career guidance by the VET schools that propose new initiatives. All this without neglecting the commitment to research, which will produce new studies to help understand and improve the current VET system.


Dualiza grants to encourage VET project in collaboration with FPEmpresa. Dualiza meetups to assess the situation of VET in a given region or sector. Start-up of the VET and Dual VET Observatory in Spain. Report ‘Aproximación a la orientación profesional en Educación Primaria y Secundaria’.
Training actions to improve the vocational qualifications of teachers and the employability of young people: COMEX and DITEC programmes. Dual VET fairs in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Preparation of regional and sectoral reports on the situation of VET and Dual VET. Report “Approach to Vocational Guidance in Primary and Secondary Education".
Initiatives to stimulate innovation in VET: Dualiza Challenge, 24 Hours of Innovation, Sanec Scholarships. Presence at local, regional and national conferences, meetings and events.   Teaching resources on vocational guidance to bring VET closer to primary, secondary and baccalaureate students.
Projects around strategic sectors (energy, cybersecurity, blue economy). Dual VET dissemination campaign, focusing on high employability, educational and training quality, and adaptation to the labour market.   Vocational guidance days for secondary and baccalaureate students.
Support for associations, business organisations and chambers of commerce wishing to promote VET. Development of the corporate www.dualizabankia.com.   Call for proposals for Active Vocational Guidance Projects.


Bankia implements its commitment to financial education through Bankademia. One of the differentiating features of this online multiplatform system is that it delivers financial education through videos, podcasts, articles and GIFs and through insights organised by topic, so that users can easily find what they need to know or study. One of the challenges this project addresses is the need make financial education as attractive as possible to the learner.


Bankia is engaged in a number of projects aimed at contributing to
 the local community in the fields of culture, sport and business.

Bankia Symphony Orchestra Youth Sport Gran Canaria, Valencia, Óbila, Estudiantes, Granada, Joventut de Badalona, TAU Castellón, UCAM Murcia and B the travel brand Mallorca basketball clubs; El Pozo futsal club; and Bathco-Fusodeba youth rugby team and Pozuelo rugby club Trade fairs: Fenavin, Fuit Attraction, ExpOliva

Forums and conferences: Forinvest, Manager Business
Forum, ADN Pymes, Spain Startup South Summit, eFintech Show, Congreso Nacional de Innovación, CEO Congress
Bankia Escolta València “Triple Solidario” campaigns with the first teams of the Valencia, Gran Canaria and Estudiantes basketball clubs Éxito Empresarial, In4NBankia, Competitividad Digital, Innobankia, Tu Economía, Comprendedor, Andaluces del Futuro and Talento Joven awards
Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío Game against Gran Canaria basketball club for the benefit of the Food Bank Bankia Forward
Madrid Book Fair Sponsorship of the Sierra Nevada adaptive ski school  
Las Edades del Hombre Women in Black (Estudiantes women's teams)

Valencianan pilota


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