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Bankia has a multi-channel business model in which the costumer is at the centre of its strategy.

The bank sets out its commitment to customer responsibility in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Responsible Management Policy and the Responsible Marketing Code, which specifies how responsible behaviour should be reflected in a tangible way in daily operations by offering and marketing products and services suited to each customer profile and tailored to customers’ needs.

People and technology are the cornerstones of Bankia’s business and its ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, the bank relies on active listening for its customers’ needs, improves its processes to serve customers efficiently and adapts its distribution models to deliver the best service.

For Bankia it is vital to protect its customers and have a complaints system that prevents, detects, corrects and minimises any risk of non-compliance with the obligations that apply to the bank.

For this reason, it has a Customer Service Policy designed to foster a good relationship with customers, seeking to preserve their trust, offering them protection and responding to their complaints and claims.

In 2020, the bank will increase information transparency, implement notifications to customers informing them about measures to prevent fraud in payment services, and improve the processing of physical documentation.

The customer service function will also have to deal with new legal criteria, possible retroactive decisions on consumer contracts, and further regulatory changes pending approval.

  2019 2018
No. of complaints received from customers 43,206 54,366
No. of complaints accepted for investigation 41,304 51,823
No. of complaints resolved in the customer’s favour 16,756 15,203
Amount of compensation paid for customer complaints (million euros) 5.1 6.3
Average response time for accepted customer complaints 9 days 19.8 days


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