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With the integration of BMN, Bankia strengthened its position as Spain’s fourth largest financial institution, with a market share of 9.97% at the end of September 2019.

Business volume market
market share by
autonomous community 

At the end of September 2019 the market share was 9.15% in retail branches, 11.79% in card transactions and 6.56% in risk insurance.

At December 2019, the bank had a share of 12.46% in mortgages, 10.91% in loans to households and 11.01% in household deposits. Its share of mutual funds rose from 6.55% to 7.05%, while the share of personal pension plans stood at 7.93%.

Market shares

Market share by business volume 9.97%*
Branches 9.15%*
Value of card transactions 11.79%*
Risk insurance 6.56%*
Mortgages 12.46%
Credit to households 10.91%
Household deposits 11.01%
Mutual funds 7.05%
Personal pension plans 7.93%

* Data as of September each year. Sources: Banco de España, Inverco and ICEA.

Multichannel network

Universal banking branches 1,656
Perimeter branches 374
Agile branches 125
Recovery centres 29
Private banking branches 16
Branches in sparsely populated areas 115
‘Connect with your Expert’ account managers 571
ATMs 5,361
ATMs in sparsely populated areas 535
Ofibuses 14

The bank’s multi-channel business model allows customers to interact with the bank through various channels:

Physical branches

Bankia ended the year with a network of 1,656 universal banking branches, 374 perimeter branches, 125 agile branches, 29 recovery centres and 16 private banking branches. A total of 115 of these branches are in sparsely populated areas..

Connect with your expert

A total of 749,881 customers used this service during 2019. Connect with your Expert has 571 specialised account managers.

Digital channels

Bankia has 3.7 million digital customers. In 2019, the number of Bankia Online users reached 3.21 million, while the number of Bankia Online Empresas users grew to 191,190. The number of customers using the Bankia app reached 2.8 million and the number of transactions carried out through the app came to 32.1 million.


Between January and December 2019, a total of 268.44 million transactions were carried out through Bankia’s ATM network, which has 5,361 terminals, 5,080 of which are equipped with an audio system and 4,494 with NFC technology. The bank maintains 535 ATMs in sparsely populated areas of Spain.

Ofibus service

These 14 mobile branches bring financial services to almost 250,000 people at risk of financial exclusion in 373 small towns and villages across six autonomous communities. The Ofibuses also cover cultural and sporting events, such as the Madrid Book Fair or the World Motorcycle Grand Prix in Cheste.

In 2019, the Ofibus service provided banking facilities to participants and attendees at the Climate Summit (COP25).


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