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The bank’s professionals have a clear commitment to social action. 

Bankia pursues a participatory, collaborative strategy, in which employees play an essential role.

In 2018, after incorporating BMN, Bankia extended the reach of its social investment, adding three new areas of influence: Andalucía, Islas Baleares and Murcia.

The total amount allocated to social investment was 20.9 million euros, an increase of 8% compared to 2017. 

Attending to the closest needs and involving stakeholders in projects was decisive. Moreover, in 2018 a specific line of funding was created to support projects with an environmental impact.



Employment continues to be the main theme of all Bankia’s social initiatives. The most important are the programmes carried out with Spanish Red Cross and Caritas. 

The Red Cross programme includes retraining for people affected by the economic crisis and employment itineraries for over-45s. In 2018 it reached 3,270 beneficiaries in 30 provinces, who received training and work experience. The Caritas programme provides grants for job creation and reached 863 participants.

Bankia also provided support to unemployed customers whose situation is detected through the bank’s daily activity. Help is available through the ‘Empleo en red’ programme, carried out in partnership with the multinational Randstad and its foundation.


During 2018, 70 customers joined the programme, bringing the total number of customers helped to 1,408, 46% of whom found work. A collaborative CSR programme is also in operation, in which the maintenance service provider ISS and Randstad offer vacancies to Bankia customers with the right profile who are unemployed or in a vulnerability situation. A total of 35 people found work through this programme in 2018.

Another need that has been detected is that of people who have no access to credit to start a business or expand an existing small business, for lack of guarantees. To solve this problem and at the same time combat unemployment and financial exclusion, Bankia contributed to the creation of the microfinance company Oportunitas IMF, which has other private shareholders, including Mapfre, Momo (Everis) and Qredits.

Oportunitas IMF has granted 39 loans since it was created, in a total amount of 303,000 euros. The financing is supplemented with a training and monitoring process, assisted by volunteers and mentors. Reinforcing this programme are two entrepreneurship projects with Secot and Action Against Hunger (Vives Emprende) in Andalucía and Castilla-La Mancha.


The main goal in this area is to foster employment by selecting suppliers that employ people with disabilities. One example is Konecta, which works with Bankia’s Customer Service Centre and Digital Contact Centre.

In a gesture aimed at orienting procurement policies towards a model that fosters relations with companies that respect diversity, Bankia also subcontracts some services, including some catering services, to Special Employment Centres.

All this without neglecting traditional formulas, such as support for NGOs that run workplace inclusion programmes for people with disabilities, in which the bank invested 1.4 million euros during 2018, with more than 20,800 beneficiaries.


The extension of the areas of influence of Bankia’s social action to Andalucía, Murcia and Islas Baleares as a result of the BMN merger has led to the signing of collaboration agreements with the foundations of Caja Granada, Caja Murcia and Sa Nostra.

A total of 11 calls for applications for grants were issued through these foundations, to which responses were received from 825 NGOs, foundations and associations. The 377 projects that were selected benefited more than 230,000 unemployed or dependent people and people at risk of poverty or discrimination. The total investment in these grants came to 1.84 million euros.

To help develop local associations, Bankia launched ‘Indicex Social’, together with Fundación Lealtad and the Spanish Association of Foundations. Indicex Social is a free self-diagnosis tool which associations can use to assess their level of communication and digitisation, as well as their information transparency and online presence, with a view to improving their fund raising. In 2018 it was used by 382 institutions.



Bankia also gave its backing to a new local and rural development initiative, Pressura (Fair for the Repopulation of Empty Spain), and the entrepreneurs competition El Hueco Starter.

Foundation Projects approved Beneficiaries
Montemadrid 78 88.141
Bancaja 54 94.435
Caja Rioja 25 11.472
La Caja de Canarias 29 6.995
Caja de Ávila 23 2.968
Caja Segovia 29 4.135
Iluro 11 1.142
Caja Castellón 39 6.917
Caja Granada 60 9.719
Caja Murcia 29 7.001
TOTAL 377 232.790




In 2018 Bankia opened a new social investment business line aimed at supporting environmental projects, specifically projects to improve biodiversity and combat climate change.

A working group was set up to study possible actions throughout Spain, which in 2018 were carried out in 13 provinces. Of particular note are the recovery of 60 hectares of pasture in the Tablas de Daimiel national park near Ciudad Real, in partnership with WWF Spain, and the Reforesta programme, together with the Islas Canarias government.

During the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, various restoration and reforestation projects have been carried out, including those at the mouth of the Mijares River in Castellón and in damaged areas of the Cuatro Calas de Águilas conservation area in Murcia. A sea and beach clean-up project and various educational workshops for youngsters based on real-life cases were carried out on the beaches of the Maresme area near Barcelona.

These and other environmental projects are carried out with the collaboration of volunteers from Bankia and local associations.


Bankia continued to encourage its employees to get involved in the programmes the bank supports. One of the instruments for achieving this is the ‘Red Solidaria’ programme, which allows staff to adopt local projects that need financial support. Last year 275 projects were chosen, representing all the business units and areas in Spain. The funding totalled 1.9 million euros.

Another of Bankia’s traditional actions that reflect its professionals’ commitment is ‘Planta tu Proyecto’, aimed at supporting NGOs in which bank employees are long-term volunteers. In 2018 six projects were selected. The selected projects received a total of 56,084 euros, plus an additional 3,000 euros for Fundación Luchadores AVA, which seeks to improve the quality of life of people with multiple disabilities and which was the finalist that received most votes from the workforce.

Bankia also maintains a support programme for all kinds of solidarity projects in which employees serve as volunteers. Through this programme, called ‘Voluntariado en Red’, the bank contributes 500 euros for a specific action in which at least five bank employees take part, as a team, in performing their task.


As regards professional volunteering to promote mentoring and financial education among vulnerable groups, a total of 104 training days were given last year, with 246 hours of training and 53 volunteers.




In 2018, 3.194 homes were made available to vulnerable people on advantageous terms, based on their particular circumstances. The households pay a social rent, while Bankia bears the cost of any maintenance and repairs that may be required.

The amount paid by the bank on this account was 3.04 million euros. Agreements are in place with local authorities in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Islas Canarias, Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana and La Rioja to expedite housing allocation through local social services departments.

In its New Poverty programme, Bankia supports the donations campaign for food banks in Spain by doubling the amount donated by its employees. Specifically, a total of 36,092 euros was collected, which was used to purchase 892 litres of oil, 1,760 litres of milk, 1,140 kilos of pulses, 691 units of other food items and 936 baby hygiene kits.

Other noteworthy actions during 2018 include the following:

  • The Madrid South Regional Head Office prepared Christmas baskets, with more than a thousand kilos of donated goods, which were delivered to six local associations serving households in a situation of poverty that had been proposed by the branches themselves.
  • Bankia volunteers took part in the food collection campaign prior to the 5th Game against Poverty, organised jointly by the Las Palmas Food Bank and the Herbalife Gran Canaria Basketball Club.

Bankia’s challenges in social investment for 2019 are:

  • To leverage its impact through collaboration between stakeholders.
  • To increase aid through grants for employment and environmental projects.
  • To digitise its processes with projects aimed at mass participation through technology platforms.


In 2018 the Bankia Dual Education Foundation was able to increase its range of activities, thanks to the consolidation of its Dualiza Bankia brand in the education sector. To make this possible, the bank contributed two million euros, so that work could continue towards the priority goals set six years ago.

In partnership with the FPempresa association, a total of 400,000 euros of Dualiza grants were distributed among 36 projects submitted by 40 schools in 13 autonomous communities. All the winning projects foster collaboration between schools and companies, facilitate the sharing of experiences and give students the opportunity to gain their first work experience. These collaborative training and dual education activities allow students to enhance their employability and companies to improve their competitiveness.

2018 witnessed the first edition of the ‘Reto Dualiza’, an initiative that brings dual education students, teachers and professionals together in multidisciplinary teams to drive innovation processes in companies. Besides innovation workshops, the event also included support and mentoring to reinforce the ‘Reto Dualiza’ teams. A total of 16 teams were formed and many of their ideas were subsequently incorporated in actual production processes.

In the conviction that only education can increase young people’s employability, Bankia is pressing ahead with its Dual Vocational Training Programme, FP Dual Bankia, as well as with other additional courses. Many FP Dual Bankia alumni, trained in the bank’s methods and values, have already joined the branches as customer account managers. The third class of students will graduate in 2019.

The programmes for acquiring a specialisation in the most sought-after employment sectors have also been well received by schools, companies and local and regional authorities. There are three of these programmes: Comex for foreign trade, Ditec for digital competencies and Sanec for biomedical research.

Bankia attends the main vocational education and dual vocational education events. It took part in and helped organise initiatives such as the FPempresa Conference, held in Barcelona; the CEFIRE Conference in Valencia; the Formación Profesional y Empresa Conference: the Pasión Dual event in Cartagena; the 4th Alianza para la FP Dual Forum in Malaga; and the 6th Colaboración Público Privada en Educación Conference in Madrid.

All these activities are now showcased on the Bankia Dual Education Foundation’s new website at www.dualizabankia.com, which has been created as a way of stimulating debate and providing information about vocational training and which aspires to provide students, professors and professionals interested in the subject with a platform for sharing their ideas.

In promoting dual education, Bankia invests in enhancing young people’s employability

Dualiza Bankia’ also aims to fill one of the big gaps in the world of vocational training: the lack of data and studies to provide a calm, reasoned and critical analysis of the current situation and put forward possible solutions to existing problems. For this purpose, in collaboration with government authorities, companies and universities, the Bankia Dual Education Foundation’s Knowledge and Innovation Centre prepares and distributes reports and publications analysing different aspects of the education system.

These include regional reports analysing the impact of vocational training on the competitiveness of the autonomous communities and the study on career orientation, carried out in collaboration with Instituto de Empresa Familiar, which highlights the difficulty companies face in hiring people who have the technical skills they need.

The greatest challenge, however, is to prepare an agenda that shows the reseach on vocational training carried out in Spain in recent years. This will be its primary contribution.


Bankia is firmly committed to the promotion of financial education in Spanish society and aims to contribute to a wider knowledge and understanding of financial products and how they work.

To do that, it has launched in 2018 Bankademia, Bankia’s financial education ecosystem. Bankademia’s aim is to improve the level and quality of financial education and make a serious contribution to the development and well-being of individuals and society as a whole. It is affiliated to the Funcas Financial Education Stimulus Programme, which is funded with three million euros and was launched in 2018 by the private non-profit think tank Funcas and the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA).

Bankademia offers ten courses on finance, housing, saving and investment, grants and subsidies, taxes, employment, household economy, SMEs and the agricultural sector. Each course comprises a number of teaching units, which are presented in user-friendly, accessible formats: overviews, videos, podcasts.

The communication strategy is “Economics to take away” because that is how Bankademia training is designed to be consumed: at any time, in any place, keeping things simple.


Bankia is engaged in other initiatives that also contribute to the local community in the fields of culture, sport and business:

Bankia Symphony Orchestra (BSO)

A professional ensemble made up of young musicians who have completed their formal training but have not yet found a position in a stable orchestra. Its goals are to discover musical talent, provide continuing education and facilitate entry to employment.

In 2018 the Orchestra held two series of concerts, with a total audience of more than 6,700: one in Ávila, Salamanca and Valladolid and the other in Granada, Sevilla and Jaén. Its string quartet performed in the Music in the Garden programme in Madrid’s Botanical Gardan in June, with more than a thousand people attending.

Bankia Escolta a Valencia

A programme to promote and support music. 2018 saw the launch of the fifth edition of the scholarships for students, with funding of 300,000 euros and 709 beneficiaries, and the second Bankia Competition for Valencian Community Orchestras, which was won by the musical societies La Artista, from Buñol in the province of Valencia, and La Pau, from Sant Joan in the province of Alicante. The third “Música a la Llum” concert was held, recovering neglected works by Valencian composers, and work continued on creating the Casa de la Música cultural centre in the Alquería Julià buildings.

Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío

A project to operate a concert hall, an exhibition hall, a cabaret and a television set, alongside the large theatre to be housed in the main building of the former Príncipe Pío railway station. A total of 308 performances were given in 2018, with 158,640 spectators in 56 different shows. More than 7,800 tickets were sold through the Bankia employees channel.

Madrid Book Fair

Bankia was official sponsor for the third year running. During the Fair, an Ofibus mobile branch was on hand to allow visitors and exhibitors to carry out the usual banking transactions on-site. The Fair also provided opportunities for sales promotions targeted to the booksellers association, which organises the Fair.

Youth Sport

Bankia sponsors the youth academies of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club, the Valencia Basketball Club, the Óbila Basketball Club (in Ávila) and the Segovia Futsal and El Pozo de Murcia futsal teams. More than 3,000 boys and girls benefit from these activities. The actions carried out with the Valencia Basketball Club (Més que un Triple) and the Gran Canaria Basketball Club (Triple Solidario) were extended in 2018 to the Estudiantes basketball club. In all cases, for every three-point shot scored by the first team during the season, Bankia donates money to the clubs’ youth teams.

Valencian pilota

The agreement whereby Bankia supports this traditional Valencian sport was renewed for a fourth year. Besides the Professional League and the Individual Championship, the sponsorship included the Bankia Elite Women’s League and the Bankia Elite Women’s Individual Championship, giving clear support to the women who contribute to the spread of the game of Valencian pilota.

Support for business associations

In 2018 the bank also carried out specific actions with various business associations, entrepreneurs associations and chambers of commerce. It sponsored more than 40 information days, which were attended by more than 2,500 people and addressed issues such as SMEs and the digital transformation, tax reform, and company financing. “La Digitalizadora” programme, carried out with Insomnia in Valencia and Valladolid and addressing issues such as robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence in 10 information sessions, deserves special mention.

Bankia took part in trade fairs and forums (Forinvest, Manager Business Forum, AND Pymes, Spain Startup South Summit, eFintech Show) and sponsored various business awards: among others, the CEIM awards, the “Premios al Éxito Empresarial” awards by Actualidad Económica, the In4NBankia awards by the Alicante-based newspaper Información, the Digital Competitiveness awards by the magazine Castilla y León Económica, the Innobankia awards with the publisher Editorial Prensa Ibérica, the “Tu Economía” awards by the newspaper La Razón, the “Comprendedor” awards by Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, the “Andaluces del Futuro” awards by the Joly publishing group and the “Talento Joven” awards by the newspaper Levante.


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