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The customer at the heart of what we do

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Bankia’s goal is to deliver the service that best fits the needs of each type of customer, in order to be the best commercial bank in Spain. To that end it has specialised advisers, who generate greater satisfaction and new business opportunities.

Customer satisfaction is one of main pillars of the Group’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. Accordingly, the bank puts great effort into learning customers’ opinions of the service they receive from Bankia.

In 2018 more than 263,000 customer surveys were conducted, with a view to improving customers’ experience at all relevant moments of their relationship with the bank: when they first start banking with Bankia, when they purchase a particular product or service, when they use the digital channels, when they visit the branches, and so on.

Mystery shopper studies are carried out throughout the sales network to learn about service quality from the point of view of a customer.

Bankia works to improve the customer experience at all relevant moments in the customer’s relationship with the bank

These actions, together with the digital tools the bank has put in place, help the branches know their customers’ opinion, allowing them to manage the information more efficiently and use it in their day-to-day activity.

In 2018 the bank went a step further in putting the customer at the centre of strategy by introducing the Quality Scorecard, an agile, dynamic tool that gives access to quantitative and qualitative information about what customers think and so helps management make swift decisions and offer solutions much more quickly.

Customer satisfaction index





Bankia continues to treat customer experience and relational quality as core elements of its positioning, thus ensuring satisfactory experiences for its customers in all channels.

Steps are taken to compare the actual experience with the desired experience, so as to bring the two closer together, in line with the goals of proximity, simplicity and transparency.

The main objectives pursued in 2018 were:

  • To facilitate the integration of the people from BMN, so as to achieve effective alignment with the customer relationship management model and the internal management models.
  • To consolidate behaviours and capabilities in the rest of the commercial network, whose high standards of performance in dealings with customers have continued to improve.

The role of Customer Experience Partner has been created to drive the bank’s customer experience and relational quality model. This role will be played by the sales specialists in the area head offices, who thus serve as role models within their area.

The Customer Experience Partners participate actively in driving the model and viralising good practices. They are key players in organising specialised workshops tailored to the bank’s different areas and roles (sales specialists in area head offices, branch managers and account managers).

Bankia is a pioneer in ensuring that its professionals have customer experience certification. In 2018 the certification drive was extended to all the regional and area head offices, which have demonstrated their compliance with the highest management standards and results.

The training process in Lasalle IGS Business School continued throughout 2018, with 65 new professionals from the commercial network joining the course to become experts in customer experience management. More than 100 managers have already received this training.

The bank’s work in customer emotion management was recognised for the second year in a row, with two awards in the ‘2nd Emotional Friendly Banks Awards’, given by EMO Insights International.


The growth of customer knowledge continued during 2018, taking full advantage of technological development and the bank’s adaptation to the new technologies. This knowledge helps us identify our customers’ needs at all times. The distribution of the bank’s products and services is now multichannel, as it draws closer to the goal of distributing through whatever channel the customer chooses at any given time.

In 2018 a consistent sales approach was established throughout the network in a record six months after the merger with BMN. Products and services are distributed consistently for all the bank’s customers and across all channels, incorporating all the former BMN branches and customers in the Bankia commercial model and giving all of them access to the benefits of the bank’s technology platforms.

Active steps were taken throughout the year to identify customer life events, so as to anticipate customers’ needs and offer them the products and services they need when they need them, thus improving the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Thanks to advances in technology, in many cases this can be done almost in real time. Advanced analytics have been used to develop customer life cycle models that will allow the bank to adapt the products and services it offers to customers’ life moments.

For business customers, advanced analytics are used to detect the optimal products for each customer type, with a particular focus on the self-employed and SMEs.


Implementing a systematic sales approach remains a key part of the bank’s model, with a view to achieving consistency in sales activity and developing and reinforcing sales capabilities, with special emphasis on the relationship model (conversations with customers) and the management models (conversations with teams).

In 2018 the activity in this sphere was focused on:

  • Integration of the former BMN branches, providing training on the bank’s operating system (NEO) and implementing it in branches and area head offices.
  • Implementation of sales systems in the Multichannel Corporate Directorate: Connect with your Expert centres.
  • Mentored implementation in the original Bankia branch network.
  • More than 82 specialised workshops on subjects such as: customer experience excellence; expert advisory management; SME and micro-SME account managers; and relationship model and management models in former BMN areas.


Bankia reinforced its Customer Service Department in 2018.

The 2018 milestones for Bankia’s Customer Service Department were as follows: reduction and improvement in response times to meet regulatory requirements; review of pre- and post-merger customer complaint handling procedures; maintenance of the lines of communication with internal and external customers, so as to deliver resolutions in a simpler, more familiar and transparent language; and implementation of training actions on new regulations and techniques for written communication.

As regards innovation and new technology solutions, work is nearing completion on the design of a new business report for the sales network (in the Management Information System), containing information about complaints and claims.

A new Request for Services (RFS) form has been implemented for sending complaints and claims and case inquiries to the Customer Service Department.

The best indicators of the work done and the objectives achieved by the Customer Service Department are as follows: 80% of complaints and claims resolved within one month, fewer cases referred to supervisors, and a quality survey score three points higher than in 2017.

Among the challenges for 2019 are to reduce the resolution period for complaints and claims to one month in general or three weeks for claims relating to payment services, to continue with the PST (Proximity, Simplicity and Transparency) project; and to improve the ratio of reports by supervisors in Bankia’s favour and the percent of rectifications of unfavourable reports.

In 2019, the department will focus its efforts on: making technical improvements to the CCS (Complaints, Claims and Suggestions) management tool; forwarding proposals to the various business units for implementation of the supervisors’ recommendations, while working with the units to find solutions to any shortcomings detected; and continuing to make proposals to resolve document custody issues.

No. of complaints received from customers 54,366
No. of complaints accepted for investigation 51,823
No. of complaints rejected 2,543
No. of complaints resolved in the customer’s favour (million euros) 15,203
Total amount paid in compensation for customer complaints 6.30
Average response time for accepted customer complaints (days) 19.80


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