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Retail banking

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Retail Banking operates under a universal banking model, its primary mission being to acquire new customers, increase existing customers’ loyalty and satisfaction and improve cross-selling.

Customers can choose between different service models, depending on their particular needs. Face-to-face service is delivered in the traditional full-service branches and also in the ‘Oficinas Ágiles’, which have extended opening hours and are designed for quick transactions. The digital service is channelled through the ‘Conecta con tu Experto’ service and the ‘+Valor’ centres.

‘Conecta con tu Experto’ offers customers the possibility of talking to a financial adviser and acquiring any product, including mortgage loans, as well as advice, via secure, private online chat. Through the ‘+Valor’ centres Bankia seeks to reach out to the customers with whom it has the least relationship, with a view to detecting their needs and directing them to the type of service they are looking for.

Retail Banking gives customers access to a range of products adapted to their profile, including children, young people and seniors. Examples include the ‘Cuenta ON’ account and the ‘Tarjeta ON’ card, with no fees for all digital customers (in particular those under the age of 25), the only condition being to sign up for the exclusive online correspondence service. They also give access to various discounts (travel, restaurants, boutiques, technology, household, health and beauty) via Bankia.es.

Along the same lines, in October 2018 the bank launched the ‘Cuenta ON Nómina’, an online payroll account with no transaction or maintenance fees and with the advantage of having a package of products that includes the ‘Tarjeta de Crédito ON’ credit card, which provides online shopping insurance and extended warranty insurance, discounts in petrol stations and two free cash withdrawals per month in countries outside Spain.

As regards lending, in 2018 Bankia granted more than 2,240 million euros in consumer loans, 10.13% more than in 2017. As of year-end, more than 3.1 million customers had a pre-approved line of credit that can be activated in less than a minute through any of the bank’s channels, supplemented by a continuous offer of tailored financing. During the year, the ‘FinanExpress’ service issued a total of 326,500 microloans for a total amount of 131 million euros, mainly for the payment of bills and taxes.

The bank’s schedule of fees and commissions has been improved and simplified as part of a company-wide project that has significantly reduced the number of fee items by grouping some and eliminating others that had become obsolete. As a result, both the customer contracts and the schedule of fees are now simpler and more transparent.

Retail customer profile


Bankia continues to work to win the trust of its customers. Hence the launch of the ‘Por Ser Tú, te quitamos las comisiones’ programme (‘Because it’s you, we waive our fees’), which already is enjoyed by a large number of the bank’s individual and SME customers and exemplifies the principles of proximity, simplicity and transparency.

More than 4.3 million Bankia retail customers benefit from the no-fees policy. More than 373,500 new ‘Cuenta ON’ and ‘Cuenta ON Nómina’ accounts, which are an essential part of that policy, were opened in 2018.

Also within this positioning is the ‘Hipoteca Sin Comisiones’ no-fees mortgage, which in 2018 accounted for 73% of total home loans, amounting to more than 2,240 million euros.

All a customer (old or new) needs to do to be eligible for the no-fees mortgage is arrange for direct deposit of income.


No. of new direct deposits of salary and unemployment benefit acquired 451,222
No. of direct deposits of pensions acquired 104,970
Total no. of customers with direct income deposit 3,406,025
No. of new credit cards issued to retail customers in the "sin comisiones" programme 499,469
No. of debit cards to retail customers in the "sin comisiones" programme 1,153,685

What is important to customers is important to Bankia, which is why the bank has launched ‘Bankia Fácil’


What is important to customers is important to Bankia, which is why the bank has listened to them and has created ‘Bankia Fácil’ to make their daily life easier. Through ‘Bankia Fácil’, Bankia enhances and improves the services it already offers, grouping them in a set of responses to typical needs:

  • Find out what financing is available at any time.
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM even if you don’t have your card with you.
  • Contact your account manager whenever you want.
  • Cancel a product if you’re not happy with it.
  • We’ll reimburse you the fee charged for debit card cash withdrawals from another ATM if ours isn’t working.
  • Transfer credit instantly through any channel.

For new customers, Bankia has strengthened its sales service, so that new customers are aware of all the products and services they have at their disposal. For this purpose, it provides a personalised, browsable video that takes customers through everything from ‘Agile Branches’ to digital channels and the possibility of having a digital account manager.

Bankia’s service model allows customers to decide how they want to relate to the bank. Periodic communications are sent out with specific offers aimed at building customer loyalty.


With the entry into force of the MiFID II Directive in January 2018, the bank has adapted its processes to provide greater transparency and protection to customers, who are offered advice and recommendations tailored to their needs.

The contractual documents have been adapted to the new requirements, operations have been improved and resources have been invested in training employees to ensure they have the knowledge they need to meet the challenges posed by the new regulations and offer compliant advice.

Already more than 9,000 professionals have obtained the required qualifications and the rest will have the opportunity to do so in April 2019. The qualifications in question are those of Expert Financial Adviser, awarded by the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF), and the university degree of Specialist in Banking and Financial Advising, awarded by CUNEF (Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros).

During 2018 the customer portfolio management model launched in 2017, which gives the bank’s most loyal customers access to a contact person and specialised sales advice, was extended to cover the last few geographical areas in which it had not yet been implemented.

April saw the launch of ‘Bankia Gestión Experta’, an automated investment fund portfolio management service for the entire commercial network, allowing customers to delegate the management of their assets to experienced professionals, who assign each customer to one of the four existing portfolios, each with a different risk level.

The model is similar to that of Banca Privada (private banking) but with a minimum investment of only 10,000 euros. In the first six months after launch, more than 50,000 portfolio mandates were given and assets under management reached 2 billion euros.

‘Bankia Gestión Experta’ is already one of the main drivers of mutual fund sales, both in Bankia and in the financial market as a whole.


Bankia offers its retail customers a full range of deposit products, consisting mainly of demand and term accounts, mutual funds and pension plans.

In 2018 it launched a capital-guaranteed fixed-income investment fund (‘Fondo de Inversión Garantizado Rentas Crecientes’) and a capital-guaranteed equity investment fund (‘Fondo de Inversión Garantizado Rendimiento Bolsa I’), which attracted 150 and 300 million euros, respectively.

Other new products include a mixed dividend investment fund (‘Fondo de Inversión Bankia Mixto Dividendo’) and a corporate fixed-income investment fund (‘Fondo de Inversión Bankia Renta Fija Corporativa’). The ‘Fondo de Inversión S&P 500’ (previously limited to Banca Privada branches) has been made available throughout the entire network and Bankia has continued to market the ‘Fondo Bankia Sostenible’ fund, which invests in entities selected on the basis of their positive impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Sales of pension plans are increasingly less seasonal, attracting regular and extraordinary contributions throughout the year, assisted by the special benefits scheme for funds transferred from other entities. This scheme and the measures to retain funds provide the Bankia network with a powerful sales weapon. 2018 also saw the launch of the ‘Bankia Protegido Rentas Premium X’ pension plan, with a guaranteed AER of 2%, which has attracted investments of 75 million euros.

In 2018, after the merger with BMN, the pension plans belonging to Caja Granada Vida and Caja Murcia Vida were transferred to Bankia.


The main events of the year are as follows:

Consumer finance

  • After the merger with BMN, more than half a million more customers have been able to benefit from Bankia’s pre-approved loans, which are available through all channels and are open-ended. Already some 80% of consumer finance comes from pre-approved loans.
  • In line with the growth of car sales, the bank launched the new ‘Préstamo Auto’ car loan, with very attractive borrowing terms.
  • At the same time, it has repositioned the ‘Préstamo Consumo Sostenible’ sustainable consumer loan, which is intended mainly for the purchase of ecologically friendly vehicles, the financing of energy-saving home improvements and the acquisition of energy-efficient home appliances. The NIR has been reduced and the account opening fee has been eliminated.
  • Sales efforts have focused on the ‘Anticipo Nómina’ salary advance, in the amount of up to three monthly salary payments or 6,000 euros for a term of up to 12 months. Its main attraction is a 0% interest rate and no fees other than an origination fee. The advance is available at any time and in any place through all Bankia’s channels.

Home Loan

  • In 2018 the ‘No Fees Mortgage’ was reinforced with the premium offering for customers above a certain level of income.
  • Following the Spanish government’s decision to assign the obligation to pay the stamp duty (IAJD) on house purchases to the banks, Bankia has not only raised its rates but has also improved the terms of its mortgages, reducing the level of income needed to qualify for the premium mortgage and reducing the interest rate on undiscounted mortgages (‘Básica’ and ‘Autopromotor’).
Volume of mortgages issued
€ 2,942
No. of new mortgages issued under the "sin comisiones" programme 18,610
Volume of new mortgages issued under the "sin comisiones" programme
€ 2,240
No. of mortgage simulations carried out through Bankia.es 734,961



During 2018 the bank worked to provide a vehicle leasing solution to meet the high demand in the commercial network and among customers. Since May 2018 the product is available both in the branches and through digital channels (Bankia Online and app).


In partnership with Alphabet, a specialised leasing company belonging to the BMW group, Bankia has started to market its first vehicles, which include hybrids (bearing the Spanish traffic authority’s ECO label), thus also contributing to protecting the environment. .

The singularly high quality leasing service has been, and will continue to be, an important driver of fee and commission income and customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In 2018, after the upgrading and development of the digital channels during the 2015-2017 period and in line with the principles that drove the channels’ development (usability, contactability, sales orientation and value-added services), the bank carried out a continuous cycle of review and improvement to ensure the channels stay abreast of technology and remain competitive.

The bank’s new positioning strategy, through ‘Bankia Fácil’, includes sales dialogues that highlight and draw attention to the services that make life easier for customers: cash withdrawal without a card, instant credit transfers, available financing and contact with account managers.

Usability in digital product sales was enhanced in 2018 through simplification of product purchase processes, as already occurs with pre-approved loans, which can be arranged in two simple steps and include a simulation of the installments to be paid.

New “one-click” financing solutions, such as the salary advance, are now included in ‘Bankia Online’ and the app, in a new section called ‘Tu crédito disponible’, where the customer can see all the available financing options.

Another important digital channel is Personal Finance Management (PFM), which is designed to help customers manage their household finances. It includes new charts for tracking income and expenses, a breakdown of incomings and outgoings into more precise categories and the possibility of recategorising them, both occasionally and by setting rules for future transactions.

To help customers quickly locate information and functionalities in our channels, ‘Bankia Online’ has an advanced search function, with predictive autocomplete, for transaction types, Bankia products and services, and account and card activity.

A new plan will be implemented in 2019 to further enhance the digital channels so as to provide customers with an exceptional service, based on user experience and innovation.


During 2018 Bankia worked to upgrade its installed base of ATMs, both in-branch and off-premises, with a focus on replacing older machines and updating the software.

As of year-end, 98% of the bank’s 5,407 ATMs (4,670 in branches and 737 off-premises) had been upgraded. Eight out of ten branches had ATMs with advanced functionalities.

Additionally, security measures were reinforced for some of the more important transactions, including cash withdrawals, credit transfers and granting of loans.


Segment   Customers who use ATM
With no contact 544.004 7,7%  
With indirect contact 964.413 13,7%  
Contact only via ATM 485.249 6,9% 485.249
Contact only via branch 1.862.192 26,4% 1.465.106
Mixed contact
(also uses branches and Digital contact)
2.198.991 31,1% 1.913.014
Online digital contact 1.007.996 14,3% 754.560
TOTAL 7.062.845 100% 4.617.929

* Data for adult personal customers.


In line with its long-standing commitment, Bankia offers its customers a range of products designed to contribute to the improvement of society and the environment. They include the following:


'Crédito joven'

Universal personal consumer loan (for education, furniture purchase, vehicle purchase, etc.) for customers aged 18 to 30.

Sustainable consumer loan

Loan to finance sustainable projects such as the purchase of environmentally-friendly vehicles, home improvements to increase eco-efficiency (boilers, windows, etc.) and energy-efficient home appliances.

Sustainable business loan

Loan to finance sustainable projects such as the purchase of environmentally-friendly vehicles, improvements to premises or facilities to increase eco-efficiency and energy-efficient equipment and plant.

Crop and livestock insurance

Cover for activities in the farming, livestock and fishing sector and related activities.

Insurance for solar photovoltaic plants

Cover for assembly damage, material damage, general liability and loss of income for lack of sun (hours and intensity).

Medical insurance

Access to health care and private treatment.

Caritas Card

Debit or credit card through which the cardholder donates 0.7% of each purchase to Caritas in the diocese of Cartagena, in Murcia. The donations are tax-deductible, for which purpose the bank issues the required certificate.

'Green' mortgage for developers

Finance for real estate developments with BREEAM sustainable construction certification, with a rating of “good” or higher, demonstrable on completion.

'Bankia Futuro Sostenible' fund

Applies exclusive socially responsible financing and investment criteria (it does not invest in companies that fail to respect life or human dignity), as well as value-based criteria (fight against poverty, hunger and inequality; promotion of health, well-being and responsible consumption; protection of the environment, human rights and labour rights), so as to have a positive impact on achievement of the SDGs.

Bankia renting

Vehicle leasing service that includes vehicles with hybrid engines (ECO environmental rating) and will include other fully electric vehicles as the market develops.


2018 was a big year for payment services in Bankia on account of the number of projects started and the volume of payments achieved.

In-store card payments increased by 13% compared to 2017 and online purchases, by 28%. The number of cards in issue rose to more than 8.7 million, with growth in both debit and credit cards, thanks to marketing efforts and the BMN merger.

The focus in 2018 was on credit cards targeted at digital customers, such as the ‘ON Nómina’ and ‘Un&Dos’ cards, in partnership with Zankyou.

To supplement the mobile payments solution already available in Bankia Wallet, the bank integrated its cards in the three digital systems developed by the world’s technology giants, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay

Bankia has also completed the first phase of the integration of PayPal services and functionalities in its apps, so that its customers can create new PayPal accounts or link to existing accounts and view their PayPal account activity directly from the Bankia channels.

This integration allows customers to securely add cards to PayPal, making it easier to use their cards for purchases and setting Bankia’s payment services as customers’ favourite.

In February 2018, the bank became one of the first group of banks to provide instant credit transfers, a service for sending cash from one account to another in less than 20 seconds, which is free of charge for ‘Por Ser Tú’ customers.

Bankia was the first Spanish bank to allow customers to manage and send bulk instant payments in a file, making it the leader in instant payments, with a 39% market share in terms of the amount transferred.

Between February and December 2018, Bankia handled 6.5 million payments in an aggregate amount of 6,500 million euros.


Through the new Open Business platform and its centrepiece, ‘Bankia Connect’, third-party platforms can connect with Bankia’s financial core. With the proper authorisation and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, these platforms can thus access customers’ personal.

In 2018 ‘Bankia Connect’ was used to integrate PayPal, Zankyou and MTV. The bank has also made it possible to acquire credit and debit cards from third-party platforms, so as to offer alternative payment methods at key moments in the purchase process. This functionality, combined with Bankia’s data management platform, allows the bank to know to which customers it can offer a product at the right place and time.


During the last year, the bank made further progress in deepening its knowledge of customers, taking full advantage of technological advances and adapting them to its needs. This knowledge enables it to identify customers’ needs at any given time and distribute its products and services through the most appropriate channels.

Also in 2018, marketing and sales activity was made consistent throughout the network, in record time, just six months after the BMN merger. All the bank’s customers can receive the same products and services in all the channels and enjoy the advantages of the bank’s use of technology.

Throughout the year, steps were taken to actively identify customers’ life events and cycles, so as to better understand their needs and deliver the products and services they need when they need them, often in close to real time, thus improving customer experience and satisfaction. In business banking, advanced analytics were developed to detect the optimal products for each type of customer, focusing on the self-employed and SMEs, so as to adapt the bank’s services to their particular needs.

Business intelligence serves to identify and adapt to customers’ needs





The targets set by Bankia in its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan with a view to keeping pace with customers in the growing adoption of digital media continued to be met during 2018.

The Corporate Multichannel Directorate was created to manage the ‘Contact Centre’, ‘+Valor’ and ‘Conecta con tu Experto’, all of which are encompassed within the remote management distribution model.

The ‘+Valor’ service, created in 2017, was extended to 13 branches, which manage more than half a million customers and are equipped with 125 sales specialists.

‘Conecta con tu Experto’ also continued to grow, reaching 60 branches, 572 account managers and 755,215 customers managed. The customer satisfaction rate is 93.1%, while the recommendation rate, which serves as an indicator of growth potential, is 52.7%.

Targeted at digital customers, ‘Conecta con tu Experto’ has become an established part of Bankia’s distribution system, thanks to benefits that include access to a personal account manager (always the same person), the possibility of carrying out the full range of transactions (except cash) and extended opening hours.


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