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Business finance is a strategic business line for Bankia, which supports entrepreurial activities on every scale, from single-person businesses to large corporations. In 2018 the bank maintained its firm commitment to provide financing for all Spanish businesses, reaching a market share of 7.57%.

A total of 16,459 million euros were loaned to companies in more than 56,700 individual transactions.


Self-employed professionals and business owners and retail establishments are strategic customer groups for Bankia, which is why during 2018 it increased the number of account managers specialising in these segments. The account managers bring service to the customers at their place of work, thus significantly improving the service provided and fostering loyalty.

2018 saw the launch of the ‘Siifacil App’, designed to assist these customers in one of their most important tasks, namely, invoice management. The app is approved by the Spanish Tax Agency and allows immediate consultations from a mobile phone, with the time saving this invariably entails.

The bank has also started up a service for new entrepreneurs to provide advice and assistance in registering with the Finance Ministry and the Social Security agency. The service is completely free and the bank pays all the notary and registry expenses if the entrepreneur forms a limited liability company via the fast-track procedure.

Self-employed customers continue to enjoy the advantages of the ‘Por Ser Tú’ programme, which already allows 280,000 of them to pay no fees on all their accounts, with the sole requirement of direct deposit of social security or taxes.

Assistance to self-employed customers is also provided through the ‘Conecta con tu Experto’ platform, which as of year-end 2018 had a portfolio of 46,301 self-employed traders and professionals.

In the wake of the merger with BMN, the agri-food sector has become very important to Bankia, which has extended its agreements for the processing of European aid under the Common Agricultural Policy. The bank has also adapted its range of products and services and has speeded up the credit approval process for the agri-food sector.

Thus, during 2018 Bankia's various regional head offices provided a total of 1,176 advances within the framework of the CAP in an aggregate amount of 14.86 million euros.

Agreements have been reached with several regional authorities to offer financing at very low interest rates for various purposes, including floods, droughts, facility modernisation, irrigation, entrepreneurs and young farmers, etc.

Bankia is keen to contribute directly in projects that help improve the environment and so has created a green loan on very advantageous terms for farmers who wish to switch their diesel water pumps for a clean power generation system such as solar panels.





One of the main lines of work in 2018 was to provide SMEs with the funds they need in order to undertake their investment projects, through pre-approved financing.

The main projects undertaken in relation to SMEs included the promotion of financing programmes. A total of 30,742 loans in the aggregate amount of 4,596 million euros were granted to SMEs during the year.

The bank also worked to upgrade its range of products and services, adding new items such as vehicle leasing and improving the ‘Línea Multiproducto Global’, designed to cover short-term funding needs.


It also continued to organise events such as the ‘ADN Pymes – La neurona’ conferences, which are intended to serve as a meeting point for leading companies from different industries and which have been very well received.

SMEs continue to benefit from the advantages of the “Por Ser Tú” programme for SMEs, which has released 40,000 firms from fees on all their accounts.

In 2019, the portfolio of business banking activity will be reorganised on the basis of a model of specialisation by customer type, which entails having 400 account managers assigned to business banking in the retail network.


In 2018, Business Banking took its commitment to customers and their satisfaction with the bank a step further. All the Business Centre managers acquired customer experience certification through a programme given by the La Salle Business School, in which the theoretical content is accompanied by a practical project in each Business Centre.

This programme has been extended to company account managers.

With the same idea of concentrating efforts on the customer, the value proposition has been reinforced by expanding the team of Product Specialists with two new units: the Transaction Banking unit, focused on collections and payments, payment services and card purchases in retail establishments; and the Factoring and Reverse Factoring unit, to drive these services and non-recourse financing.

With these two new units, the Bankia team is organised as follows, with the aim of covering all its customers’ needs.

The bank has continued to prepare financing programmes tailored to its customers’ business plans, offering them security (knowing what they can expect from Bankia in terms of financing), speed (fast responses to their requests), support in financial planning (tailored to each company’s challenges) and advice.

Thanks to the ‘Línea Multiproducto Global’, products and processes have been simplified, with only one contract to be signed, providing faster product acquisition and saving on borrowing costs (trade finance with and without recourse, payments financing, foreign exchange insurance and guarantees/ letters of credit).

In 2018, once the restrictions associated with the bank’s recapitalisation plan were lifted, Bankia resumed its activity in the real estate development sector, providing financing for 26 residential developments totalling more than 2,100 homes.

The total amount of these developer loans is more than 440 million euros and the proceeds will be paid out gradually over the next two years as the construction work is completed.

To improve the customer experience, regardless of which channel is chosen, Bankia Online Empresas continued to improve its functionalities for file exchange, servicing operations and contracting of services. A mobile version was launched, so that customers can perform their usual account inquiries and transactions much more quickly and conveniently.

Following the BMN merger, the Business Banking Sales Systems and Relational Quality teams were reinforced, with a view to facilitating a swift adaptation to Bankia’s way of doing business and dealing with customers.

In 2018, this continuously evolving model was expanded to include new relationship protocols, as well as a new non-customer and digital customer classification that helps prioritise sales contacts. The business events were also expanded with the addition of new events, tenders and sales alerts, and the recommendation model was improved.

2018 saw the launch of the ‘Conecta’ tool, which is integrated in the ‘Soluciona Empresas’ platform. The new tool provides information about customers, distributors and suppliers, thus helping to expand business growth opportunities.

The ‘Soluciona Empresas’ toolbox already includes 10 tools designed to support Spanish companies in their decision making and help them sell more, manage their risks better and source the funds they need in order to grow.

At the same time, in 2018 Bankia positioned itself at the forefront of SEPA payments management for companies, being the first bank in Spain to process bulk payment files. In Bankia Online Empresas, all SEPA transfers, including payroll, are handled as efficiently as possible: either issuing them immediately or, if that is not possible, with same-day value, and only in the last resort as ordinary credit transfers.


Within Business Banking, Bankia has a foreign trade business line, through which the Group offers a range of relevant products and services to support companies that sell mainly or exclusively to customers outside Spain.

The bank offers companies various different payment services in a broad basket of currencies to facilitate their foreign purchases and sales.

For this purpose, the bank provides personalised service through more than 30 trade specialists distributed across its commercial network. It also has the ‘Línea Experta Comex’ direct customer care service over the telephone or via the internet.

The importance of this business line to the bank is reflected in the numbers. In 2018 Bankia granted 13,911 million euros of financial support for the foreign trade operations of Spanish companies, an increase of 18% compared to the previous year.

The number of trade finance transactions rose 12%, to a total of 236,238.

Bankia's financial support for foreign trade takes the form of export and import finance properly speaking, as well as guarantees and letters of credit issued and received in favour or on behalf of companies.

These are crucial instruments for enabling Spanish companies to bid for and carry out projects outside Spain.

The bank has also formed closer alliances with local correspondent banks in high-potential countries that are of particular interest to Spanish exporters. These alliances strengthen the bank’s positioning and allow it to offer more attractive financing and commercial terms to its customers in markets such as Morocco and the rest of the Maghreb; China, India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries; and the Middle East.

The bank has thus started to work with various trade finance platforms that will set Bankia on the path towards digital transformation of the foreign trade business line.

Given the increasing integration of Spanish companies in global value chains, Bankia’s commitment to facilitate their access to foreign markets was reflected throughout the year in various actions aimed at supporting import and export activity in industries such as solar photovoltaic energy and textiles, among others.

A large number of Spanish companies have benefited from these actions, which have enabled them, for example, to extend the payment period for their imports or obtain advances on their exports.


In Corporate Banking, Bankia offers a specialised sales organisation, a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of large corporations, pre-classification of risks through financing programmes, global business coverage and an optimum transactional banking service.

The goal of providing a service that is as close as possible to the customer has been pursued by designing and implementing new sales systems for the Corporate Banking teams and adapting the sales organisation, so that in the Islas Baleares, for instance, the bank has a unit focused on serving customers in the hotel industry.

In 2018, despite continued deleveraging by large corporations, following the trend started several years ago, and the search for non-bank sources of finance, Bankia succeeded in increasing both its stock of lending to Corporate Banking customers and its market share.

€15,825 MILLION

Another highlight was the surge in green or sustainable lending, both in the form of bank loans and in the form of bonds with a green seal, in which Bankia has played an important role, in line with its commitment to sustainability.


Bankia has become the bank that provides the most financing to Spanish companies granted by the state financial agency Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO). In 2018, it intermediated loans totalling 749 million euros, taking first place among distributors of ICO’s subsidised credit facilities, with a market share of 32% and doubling the previous year’s figures.

The growth of Bankia’s on-lending activity was centred on the ICO Exportadores credit line, under which it disbursed a total of 490 million euros, with a market share of 59.73%, making it the leader in sales of this product and demonstrating its commitment to promoting foreign trade and its customers’ export business.

During 2018, in collaboration with the European Investment Fund (EIF), the bank started to market the new Innovfin credit line, aimed at financing innovation projects.

In the field of intermediation with multilateral institutions, Bankia is very active in the financing of projects with funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB), through the EIB SMEs and Midcaps and EIB Agrifood facilities, which offer customers competitive advantages in price. Also, a new credit line (EIB Youth Employment) has been created to channel financing to the companies that are creating jobs for young people.


Bankia continues to work with the main credit facilities offered by institutions such as the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and mutual guarantee companies to offer the best products at the most competitive price.

It has entered into various agreements with prominent mutual guarantee companies to offer financing on much more attractive terms, as regards interest rates and fees, to give customer groups with lower credit quality access to financing. Most notably these include: Avalmadrid, Guarantee (Andalucía), Iberaval (Castilla y León), Avalis (Cataluña), Avalam (Murcia), ISBA SGR (Islas Baleares), Elkargi SGR (País Vasco), Asturgar (Asturias), Comunidad Valenciana SGR, Aval Castilla-La Mancha SGR, SGR AvalCanarias and Extraval SGR (Extremadura).

At the end of 2018, Bankia and the European Investment Bank entered into an agreement for a total aggregate amount of 800 million euros to finance projects carried out by SMEs and mid-caps, as well as by companies in the agriculture, agri-food, fishing and livestock industries.

To foster communication and contact with customers, in 2018 the following events were organised:

  • Day of talks in León on incentives linked to R&D and Innovation, with Zabala Innovation Consulting and the León Employers Federation.
  • Day of talks in Castilla y León on financing opportunities for collaborative R&D projects, with Zabala Innovation Consulting and the Burgos Confederation of Business Associations (FAE).
  • Clearing the Way for Social Innovation, with Zabala Innovation Consulting and the Asturias Employers’ Federation (FADE).
  • Day of talks to present Interconnecta, with Zabala Innovation Consulting and the Confederation of Andalusian Businesses.


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