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Bankia pursues a strategy of participation and collaboration in its social action, for which in 2017 it had a budget of more than 19.33 million euros.


768 No. of foundations and associations supported through social action programmes

789,317 Beneficiaries


During 2017 Bankia expanded its stock of housing for vulnerable people, who pay a social rent on advantageous terms, depending on their particular circumstances. There are already 2,921 social rent properties distributed throughout Spain’s autonomous regions. Details may be found at Bankia.com.

23 No. of furniture donations to social purpose entities

2,921 No. of properties delivered to the Social Housing Pool (SHP)

554 No. of contracts signed with families who have also applied for additional assistance to pay the rent

  2017 2016
SHP applications pending 398 407
Applications rejected 21 14
SHP applications approved 30 64
SHP agreements signed 74 85
Special rent applications pending 59 9
Special rent applications rejected 21 10
Special rent agreements approved 2 8
Special rent agreements signed 480 464


Last year, the bank’s support for education translated into a contribution of four million euros to the Bankia Foundation for Dual Education, which promotes training that combines classroom learning with on-the-job experience.

During 2017 the foundation’s efforts were focused on:

  • Promoting and improving dual vocational training, by entering into collaboration agreements with autonomous communities, business associations and other social agents to develop specialised programmes (Sanec, Comex and Ditec), as well as the FP Dual Bankia programme in the field of banking, the only one of its kind in Spain.
  • Professional, academic and personal guidance, by creating an integrated orientation platform, aimed at articulating personal vocations, the education system and the needs of the economy.
  • Research and innovation in dual education, by carrying out projects such as the Spanish dual education research agenda, publication of the first report on vocational training in relation to smart specialisation in Castilla y León and its extension to other regions, and the strategic and operational plan for vocational training in the Valencian Community.
  • Stimulus, promotion and diffusion of dual vocational training, notably the 3rd Dual Education Alliance Forum, the 4th FPempresa Conference and the 5th Public-Private Partnership in Education Conference in Madrid.

Bankia is the first European bank to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAFA).

In June 2017 a total of 44 students from FP Dual Bankia’s first class completed their training and 17 of them have been hired as sales staff in Bankia branches, all of them on open-ended contracts.

18 No. of dual vocational training actions carried out

518 No. of participants in the dual vocational training actions

11 No. of agreements signed with regional governments to support dual vocational training


Framework agreements with Cantabria, Castilla y León, Murcia, Galicia, Extremadura, La Rioja, Navarra, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha and the Valencian Community.


The priority in Bankia’s social projects is to help people overcome their vulnerability by finding employment or making themselves more employable through training.

Among the most noteworthy actions supported by Bankia in 2017 are the following:

  • Red Cross programme to facilitate access to employment for young people or improve unemployed people’s qualifications through professional skills certificates with on-the-job experience in companies or institutions. It had 401 participants in 23 Spanish towns and cities.
  • Cross programme co-financed by the European Social Fund aimed at helping more than half the participants, all of whom were over-45s, into employment. More than 2,265 people from 20 Spanish provinces benefited from the programme.
  • Caritas Española programme that helped to organize training and employment  itineraries in social employers for 2,529 unemployed people in 24 towns and cities.

The bank also took the strategic decision to support self-employment through microloans, with the support of the specialised financing company IMF Oportunitas, the association of senior volunteer professionals Secot and the Oportunitas foundation itself.

The Employment programmes have also sought to involve customers and suppliers. A total of 153 Bankia customers followed itineraries of guidance and active employment search; and the bank carried out a pilot social responsibility collaboration project with one of its suppliers (the services multinational ISS), which offered positions for vulnerable people, and in social rent, assisted by Fundación Randstad and Fundación Tengo Hogar.


Bankia is a participant in the Financial Education Plan run by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and the Banco de España. The following are example of initiatives aimed at helping citizens make informed investment decisions:

  • Investment School. A section of the corporate website that explains basic concepts, offers advice and presents the best tools for dealing in the markets.
  • Financial Education. Multimedia portal on financial products and habits that helps people understand the financial world they live in as consumers.
  • Teach what you know. A Bankia and Fundación Randstad programme through which volunteers from the bank act as special finance teachers for over-45s with disabilities, long-term unemployed people and people at risk of social exclusion. 
  • Finance made easy. Thanks to this project, professionals from the bank trained in order to be able to give classes on saving, spending, money and bank products to people with intellectual disabilities. In all, the Financial Education volunteering activities involved 72 volunteers in 75 volunteering days, with a total of 342 beneficiaries, offering 180 hours of training.
  • Snapchat profile. Audiovisual learning pills are used to explain the most basic notions of economics to Snapchat’s young audience in clear, didactic terms, so that they understand how the economy works and how it affects them.
  • Bankia Blog. The blog provides content relating to the family economy and answers questions raised by its readers on matters such as income tax returns and ATM operation.

Teach what you know

Finance made easy


In 2017 Bankia continued its effort to reach out and distribute its social assistance to small local bodies. To do that it relies on eight foundations: Fundación Montemadrid (in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid), Fundación Bancaja (in the Valencian Community), Fundación Ávila (in Ávila), Fundación Caja Segovia (in Segovia), Fundación Iluro (in the Maresme area, near Barcelona), Fundación Caja Canarias (in the Canary Islands), Fundación Caja Castellón (in the province of Castellón) and Fundación Caja Rioja (in La Rioja).

Foundation NGOs supported Beneficiaries
Montemadrid 77 83,584
Bancaja 61 34,000
Caja Rioja 22 3,148
La Caja de Canarias 40 7,131
Ávila 42 6,495
Caja Segovia 44 6,362
Iluro 8 1,368
Castellón 47 8,998
Total 341 151,086


Young people may participate in Bankia’s social initiatives through the “Historias en Red” call for participation, which gives recognition to the most original volunteering projects among students aged 16 to 25.


Another important focus of Bankia’s social action is the integration of people with disabilities through employment promotion schemes. During 2017, support was channelled to 39 such schemes, with a total of 4,224 beneficiaries.

The total investment in these projects was 1.38 million euros.


Through the Red Solidaria programme, Bankia’s employees propose, vote for and financially support a solidarity project located nearby and then report to their colleagues on project progress and the challenges met. In 2017, 1.4 million euros were invested thanks to this programme, benefitting 166,000 people and 252 foundations and non-profit associations.

Last year, Bankia organised 108 volunteering days, in which 584 people took part, including employees of the bank and members of their families; supported nine social initiatives through the internal “Name your project” call for proposals, aimed at organisations whose employees are permanent volunteers; took part in the donations campaign to help Spain’s food banks, doubling the amount donated by its staff; and promoted sport for charity through the “Correr con Doble Meta” programme, in which the bank turns the kilometres run by its workers in races throughout Spain into euros.


Besides its support for strictly social solidarity activities, Bankia is also involved in other initiatives that help improve its environment, whether through culture, sport or business.

Last year, the bank reinforced its sponsorship of innovation activities such as the Digitalizadora and the Atípics programme, as it aims to support all activities that demonstrate new ways of doing things through technology and that have a positive impact on society.

Notable social and cultural sponsorships include:

  • Bankia Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, the orchestra gave two series of concerts in the cities of Zaragoza, Pamplona, Logroño, Castellón, Alicante and Valencia, which were attended by more than 7,000 people. The orchestra took part in the events commemorating the fourth centenary of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, with a free open-air concert that was attended by some 3,000 people.
  • Bankia Escolta a València. A programme to promote music education and combat school failure through music. Last year saw the launch of the 4th Call for Grants, which benefited 703 students, and the start of the second edition of the Valencian Community’s Competition for Orchestras, in collaboration with the Institut Valencià de Cultura and the FSMCV. In addition, a programme was carried out to recover historical pieces of music and the first Bankia Musical Talent Prizes were awarded.
  • Edades del Hombre. With its sponsorship of the 22nd edition of “Las Edades del Hombre”, Bankia made it possible for more than 1.7 million people to enjoy the “Reconociliare” exhibition in the town of Cuéllar, in the province of Segovia.
  • Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío. Bankia is contributing to the financing of the new Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío cultural venue to be housed in the main building of the former Príncipe Pío railway station in Madrid. While this project is taking shape, Madrid’s first spiegeltent (travelling tent decorated with mirrors ) has been opened adjacent to the main building.  A total of 306 events were held in this tent during 2017, with more than 121,670 participants in 52 different shows.
  • Madrid Book Fair. Bankia sponsors the Book Fair, one of the capital’s most important cultural events, promoting book sales in Spain.  The bank has been Official Sponsor and Exclusive Sponsor among financial sector companies.
  • Venero Claro summer camp. Under an agreement with Fundación Caja de Ávila, grants are offered to enable more than 400 boys and girls to attend summer camps in Ávila, which include leisure, games, workshops and English classes, among other activities.

Bankia Symphony Orchestra

The bank also fosters the practice of sport by sponsoring activities such as:

  • Youth sport. The bank’s sports sponsorship is focused on sport practised by youngsters in sport schools. In Las Palmas it sponsors the youth academy of the Gran Canaria basketball club; in Ávila, the Puente Romanillos athletics club and the Óbila basketball club’s youth academy; and in Segovia, the school of the Segovia Futsal futsal club. More than 2,000 boys and girls benefit from these activities.
  • Valencian pilota. In 2017. for the fourth season in a row, Bankia supported Valencian pilota, which is the first sport to be awarded the status of an Intangible Heritage Asset by the Valencian government, the Generalitat, and is practised throughout the Valencian Community’s three provinces. Last year the sponsorship included two variants of the game: “escala i corda” and “raspall”.

Companies are an extremely important group for Bankia, which is why the bank is keen to sponsor forums and shows that will support companies’ development and growth.

In 2017, almost 40 events were held, attended by more than 2,000 customers, addressing issues such as digitisation, tax reform and company finance.

Bankia took part in various trade fairs (Salón Mi Empresa, Fenavin, Forinvest, Manager Business Forum, Spain Startup South Summit, Foro Innova Pyme).

La Digitalizadora, a digital immersion programme started by Bankia and Insomnia, deserves special mention.

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