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Annual Report Bankia 2016 /

Calculation of indicators


Bankia Group 2016
Gross income(1) 3,166,452
Net profit/(loss) of discontinued operations 0
Gains/(losses) on disposal of assets not classified as non-current assets held for sale 7,989
Economic Value Generated 3,174,441
Dividends 317,424
Other administrative expenses(2) 448,367
Staff costs 906,778
Income and other taxes(3) 220,531
Economic Value Distributed 1,893,100
Economic Value Retained 1,281,341

(1) Gross margin plus net gains on disposal of assets.
(2) General expenses less contributions and taxes.
(3) Only includes expense for "Income tax" and "Contribution and other taxes"

Calculation of G4-EN5 indicator

Energy intensity

Calculation of G4-EN18 indicator

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission intensity


1) The denominator is the Bankia, S.A. revenue figure as taken from the income statement of the Bankia, S.A. financial statements (€MN).


Revenue item Amount
thousands of euros
Financial statements
Interest income 2,627,261 Note 26
Dividend income 29,126 Note 28
Fees and comission income 825,934 Note 29
Gains and losses on financial assets and liabilities 250,782 Note 31
Other operating income 116,374 Note 32
Gains/(losses) on disposal of non-financial assets and equity investments, net 904 Note 41
Gains/(losses) on disposal of non-current assets and disposal groups (258,157) Note 42