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Report BFA - Bankia 2015 / Risk managementNew transformation plan

As regards the challenges to be met in the immediate future, the main themes of the New Transformation Plan 2016-2018 are as follows:

Optimised recoveries model

Efforts to develop a highly automated, specialised and optimised recoveries model must continue. This will be done by making more intensive use of collection agencies and by centralising loan processing and systematising the sale of small portfolios.

Promotion of sound lending

One of the tasks of the Corporate Risk Directorate is to promote good quality lending. With that goal in mind, a plan is in place to stimulate the use of models for analysing the available information on customers and non-customers and to improve the credit rating system.

Early warning system

The goal is to build the necessary infrastructure to detect potential impairments before they materialise and so be able to take early management measures. This will require developing specific tools.

Asset allocation

The business must be oriented to maximising economic value, while respecting the levels established in the Risk Appetite Framework. The aim of this project is to extend the concept of efficient allocation of scarce resources.

Culture and training

To extend the risk culture, the bank will promote a training plan that will have an impact on the risk profile (better knowledge of policies and tools) and data quality (aiming to make the approvals process more efficient).