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Report BFA - Bankia 2015 / Business modelCorporate banking

This is the group division that serves companies with annual sales of more than six million euros. It ended 2015 with more than 23,500 customers. It has a very diversified portfolio, including companies in all the productive industries, although services, construction and supplies are particularly well represented, jointly accounting for 50% of the total.

  • LOANS 
    €28.89 BN
    €12.86 BN

The goal of the business banking area is to combine long-term profitability for the bank and value creation for shareholders with good service to customers, in particular as regards the financing of their projects. To serve these customers, at the end of 2015 Bankia had 59 business centres, two business corners inside other branches and two corporate banking branches, in Madrid and Barcelona.

The commercial policy has two main objectives: to offer minimum prices based on the cost of funds and the company’s level of risk and to actively seek out cross-selling opportunities, i.e., to ensure that the customer benefits from as many of the bank’s products and services as possible. The risk assessment is performed individually by specialised teams at a regional or national level, depending on the scale of each operation.

Advice, finance and support for international growth

Bankia offers companies three key types of services to accompany and help them at every step they take. The aim is for customers to feel that Bankia is part of the company, working with them to improve their results. The first type of service is advice, the second, financing and the third, support for internationalisation.

In order to provide the best advice, the Business Centres have 233 specialised account managers, who in turn have the support of the bank’s risk specialists, legal counsel and experts in capital markets, trade and marketing.

In financing, Bankia continues to increase its volume of lending, whether for working capital or for investment. In 2015, it granted a total of 10.53 billion euros of loans to companies with sales of more than six million euros, 9.6% more than the previous year. Adding to this figure the 3.22 billion euros of loans to SMEs and the 216 million euros granted to the self-employed, the total came to 13.96 billion euros, up 16.6%. Bankia has also granted 16.09 billion euros of pre-approved credit to companies, both customers and non-customers, for short and longterm finance.

In syndicated loans, which are the responsibility of the Capital Markets Directorate, in 2015 Bankia ranked fourth in the Spanish financial system, with 3.8 billion euros, representing 5.1% of the total. 

€10.53 BN


In support for internationalisation, Bankia offers a wide range of services and products for companies looking to enter the export market, from short-term working capital finance for foreign purchases and sales and international reverse factoring, factoring or forfaiting to medium and long-term investment and development finance for projects tendered for outside Spain. To resolve its customers’ needs and doubts, the bank offers personalised advice from trade specialists throughout its branch network and an exclusive telephone and online service, “Línea Experta Comex”, to respond to customers’ trade finance inquiries.

Bankia’s support for companies’ foreign trade activity totalled 8.73 billion euros, an increase of 20.9%. The bank grew its base of customers with foreign trade activity by 19.8%. This growth came after a 13.4% increase in export-import finance, from 5.43 billion euros to 6.16 billion euros, and a 43.5% increase in international guarantees issued, bringing the total to 2.57 billion euros, compared with 1.79 billion euros in 2014.

By autonomous community, Bankia granted 3.6 billion euros to support the foreign trade activities of companies in the Community of Madrid, a year-on-year increase of 25%. They were followed by companies in Catalonia (1.55 billion euros, up 15%), the Valencian Community (1.03 billion euros, up 18%) and the Basque Country (622 million euros, up 49%). The communities with the fastest yearon-year growth in trade financing were the Balearic Islands (120%), the Basque Country (49%), Murcia (43%), Cantabria (43%), Extremadura (39%) and Andalusia (28%).

Technological development

Alongside its financing activity, during 2015 Business Banking redoubled its efforts to build closer relationships with customers and help them improve their businesses, especially in terms of technology and digital transformation. To do that, it offered its customers the following new services:

  • Bankia Índicex, a free self-assessment tool for detecting weaknesses in a company’s online sales strategy, so as to find solutions and boost the company’s sales.
  • A tool that helps companies manage currency risk and allows them to directly and automatically enter into interest rate hedges.
  • Creation of a transparent, effective website, so that suppliers who are not Bankia customers can consult and receive advance payment of receivables which the buyers of their products or services have ordered to be paid through the bank (reverse factoring).
  • Advice from companies specialising in state aid, so that Bankia customers have ready access to all the available information on subsidies, be they local, regional, national or EU.

Online banking

Following the implementation, from 2014 onward, of the new Oficina Internet Empresas online platform, the online banking service has established itself as a privileged channel for doing business with customers in this area. At 31 December 2015, the online channel had 356,435 users (including mid and large companies, SMEs, selfemployed, retail establishments, their legal representatives, etc.), who carried out more than 394 million transactions during the year. The new platform includes improvements such as multicompany access, revamped browsing, and collection and payment functionalities.