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Report BFA - Bankia 2014 / Responsible managementCustomers

  • Customer satisfaction index: 80.2%
  • 12% increase in service quality across branch network
  • 1,484 after-sales surveys
    of products sold
  • 3,054 ATMs adapted
    for disabled people
    of Bankia's mobile app

Bankia is orientating its business to what matters: the customer.

Bankia has demonstrated great aptitude for change, treating its restructuring obligations as a business opportunity, improving efficiency and making its business more customer-focussed, which gives it a competitive advantage in an environment in which the financial sector business model is changing.

This approach to business, designed to provide customers with a more efficient and higher quality service, aligned with their expectations and needs, has led to the implementation of a new sales office model and new business tools, which enables better interaction between Bankia and its customers.

In addition to the above, the company’s commitment to training the staff in its sales network has resulted in a more personalised service that is better adapted to the customer.

Branch layout and distribution

Distribution and specific resources

Bankia has progressively implemented a new sales office model in its retail network to standardise its branches, reinforce the bank’s image and optimise the distribution of space. The entrances have been improved, with a larger lobby that houses 24-hour ATMs, while the commercial area has been redesigned to be more comfortable and intuitive for customers. In short, a new type of space has been created that has improved service quality and customer relations.

This commitment to get closer to the customer led to the launch of the “agile branch”, a new branch concept to serve customers and non-customers that want a faster and higher-quality transactional service, with uninterrupted and longer opening times until 6:00 pm, among other initiatives.

Agile branches. Conclusions

  • Beneficial for customers, who can perform their procedures in less than 10 minutes.
  • It offers better service to the customer and greater efficiency for the company.
  • It helps branches in the same zone as the agile branch, as they can dedicate more time to offering more and better advice to their customers.

146,184 hours of specific trainingTechnological improvements that enable transactions to be carried out more efficiently have been made, in addition to the infrastructure improvements to improve service levels, so that staff in the sales network can offer a faster and more efficient service. One of these improvements is NEO (the new branch desktop application), which combines all the necessary commercial management functionalities for our customers.

It facilitates the commercial management process by always offering a visual summary of the customer’s most important information and contains all the customer’s commercial, operational and contract details across every channel.

Another advance is the implementation of the Support Operations Service (SOS), which supplies the sales network with transactional information and makes it easier to access the key information for each process.

quick guides.

Content summaries
easy to understand.

with branch staff.

Pages viewed in SOS by type of operation

In the case of personal and private banking customers, specialist managers are assigned to establish a clear customer-manager relationship. These managers go through training programs (basic-advanced-specialist) to acquire the commercial skills and knowledge to help them understand each customer’s specific needs.

Every private banking customer is offered the portfolio advisory or management service that is appropriate for their risk profile, while their transactional business remains at their retail network branch. This collaboration between private banking and the retail network represents a business opportunity that is appreciated by our customers. The work of offering advice and selecting assets is supported by the analysis performed by Bankia’s committees specifically created for this purpose, which also draw on specialists from private banking.

  • 84.7% of personal banking customers rate their level of satisfaction above 7 out of 10. Some 76.5% rate their loyalty with the same score, while for “customer recommendation” 74.2% of those surveyed also gave a maximum score of outstanding.
  • Customer funds under management increased by 7,200 million euros (6.6%) in 2014
  • Bankia has 2,129 pb managers in 1,480 branches (75% of our network).
  • The commercial trust that managers have generated over the last few months means that 67.1% of pb customers can now identify their manager, 8.5% more than december 2013

In 2014, more than 1,000 personal banking customers were invited to cultural events as a thank you for their loyalty to Bankia. These included private visits to the latest exhibitions, such as “El Greco: arte y oficio”, held in October at the Museo de Santa Cruz; a performance of Beethoven’s fifth symphony at the Palau de Barcelona; and sponsorship of the 19th edition of The Ages of Man exhibition.

One of the priority segments in terms of improved service and support is the segment for SMEs, retailers and independent contractors, which makes an important contribution to the Spanish economy and the business sector, by offering them personalised and ongoing advice as well as a differentiated range of products and services.

Bankia is consolidating its role in society by promoting and developing commercial agreements and defining a comprehensive catalogue of products and services, helping to finance small and large companies, retailers, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. These agreements provide a flexible and specialised response to the financial needs of the Spanish business sector. Bankia currently has 85 commercial agreements in place, including with the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Official Credit Institute (ICO), the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, SGR (AvalMadrid, Iberaval, AvalUnión, Avalia Aragón, etc.), various associations, business federations, etc.

SME Plan

Key figures

  • Business volume:
    €5,000 m
  • Training hours:
    209 per manager
  • Portfolio-assigned sme customers:
  • SME managers:

Bankia has also supported SMEs and independent contractors during the year through different collaboration agreements as well as attending events and trade shows related to financing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, international trade, the agri-food sector, tourism, etc.

These include trade fairs such as Salón MiEmpresa, designed to allow entrepreneurs and SMEs to exchange experiences and to network with each other, or Forinvest, an international exhibition of financial products and services, investments, insurance, tax issues and technology solutions, which was addressed by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri.

Customer requirement Key factors
(management models)
Financial advice
Support, accompaniment and training in-branch leader / solutions
Personal manager Manager A customer that can identify his/her manager scores twice the level of satisfaction
Branch manager responsible for portfolios of micro-enterprises & retailers
Expand your business
Offers that add value that improve their business appropriate products and services
Differentiated range
Independent contractors’ pack
Range of products and services We offer products and services that help businesses to grow, through the independent contractors’ pack
Quick access to financing
Guidance and security
Right price and product
Financing Financing Differentiate personal financing from business financing with competitive products and pricing. Provide rapid response and advice.
Provide rapid response and advice
Financial advice
Advise, propose and offer alternatives that generate benefits for the customer
Bankia no fees for smes and independent contractors
Cross-selling Capture our customers’ business activities.
Guide customers to become eligible for the no-fees program
Reduce costs
Guide customer towards paying no fees

Bankia’s branch network has made significant efforts to work with companies that need financing for their import and export activities.

Foreign trade project. Triple objetive

  • Improvement processes
    135 specific operational points.
    Reorientation of operations circuits.
    Foreign trade expert line and notification service (email, oficina internet for businesses, and sms).
  • Expand commercialisation
  • Update product catalogue
    International forfaiting and confirming.
    Short-term ico facility.
    CESCE liquidity certificates.

"internationalisation and financing” conferences

Entitled “Strategies, challenges and opportunities: internationalisation, financing and business experiences” Bankia organises various conferences with businesses throughout Spain.

This initiative aims to generate ideas and solutions based on an analysis of the latest challenges in the economic environment, while sharing companies’ innovative strategies to boost their competitiveness.

These conferences tackle three main issues:

  • Internationalisation, financing innovation and business development.
    They highlight the opportunities for Spanish companies facing the challenges of business innovation, financing and internationalisation, allowing participants to discuss ways of supporting companies in the current environment.
  • Talk on the economic outlook.
  • Business success stories: how, when and where to sell during difficult times. New market scenarios.

Bankia’s support for business customers has also taken the form of various conferences organised with business leaders to enable the bank to provide comprehensive advice and support, incorporating professional experiences and creating a space to share concerns and discuss the latest trends.

A key factor has been to ensure that business centres are able to quickly respond to customers’ needs and this has been achieved by offering higher returns, above the market average, and personalised advice.

Other major milestones achieved by Bankia Empresa have been measures to delegate powers, rigorous risk control (classified by levels), a reduction in NPL ratios and control of the cost of risk, the inclusion of “quality” among the objectives of the business centres and branch centralisation, among others.

In 2014, Bankia worked especially hard to unify the plans and funds from the management firms integrated into the Bankia Group, producing a more streamlined product catalogue.

Bankia’s funds and managers were recognised during the year by companies such as Morningstar and Allfunds, which awarded their highest ratings to several Bankia Fondos funds. Furthermore several Bankia funds are in the top places of the rankings drawn up by specialist media, such as Expansión.


During 2014, Bankia consolidated an important project to improve its commercial advice and accessibility to financial services by simplifying its contracts to reflect Bankia’s more customer-focused corporate values, which primarily aims to improve transparency and clarity.

The result of this project, which arose from actively listening to our branches and customers, is a better contracting experience with Bankia - more appropriate wording and fewer printed documents and signatures.

Closeness, provide transparent and clear information. Commitment	, ensure that information is clearly written, complete and easy to use. Professionalism, provide quality advice, and prompt and correct responses

Key figures

  • New contracting model: service provision agreement + retail customers agreement
  • Larger size bankia font
  • Clearer and more uniform layout
  • Covers all products and services
  • Generates customer trust and more efficient sales process
  • Annual saving of 1.2 million pages
  • Benchmark contracting model in the sector

Various initiatives have been launched with customers (focus groups, surveys, etc.) to strengthen the listening process and improving the contracting process so that prior to launching a new product or starting a promotion or sales campaign, a pre-test is carried out and improvements/suggestions can be included once the customers’ real requirements have been tested and passed on to the bank.

A range of improvement initiatives were identified from customers’ suggestions related to marketing and communication processes with customers. In 2015, Bankia will launch a process to streamline its communication channels that will allow media and supports to be continuously improved and aligned with the needs expressed by its customers (for example, greater use of email).

Nº of after-sales product surveys

  • Marketing of funds: 299
  • Marketing of funds (target return): 184
  • Marketing of insurance: 601
  • Marketing of cards: 400

Bankia is firmly committed to complying with and applying the principles and standards that govern bank advertising to improve communications with our customers. All commercial communications issued by the bank comply with standards on accuracy, objectivity, fidelity and honesty.

The bank’s commitment to the aforementioned values is reflected in:

  1. The existence of a commercial communications policy for customers, approved by the board of directors, which includes the obligatory principles, criteria and standards applicable to the process of creating and implementing the bank’s advertising.
  2. Bankia’s membership of Autocontrol, an independent association for advertising self-regulation.

Active customers by population size

Inhabitants Dec. 2013 Dec. 2014
<2.000 4.31% 4.45%
<=5.000 6.62% 7.13%
<=10.000 8.64% 9.63%
<=20.000 6.84% 7.84%
<=50.000 10.98% 12.93%
<=100.000 14.11% 16.35%
<=500.000 13.27% 15.74%
>500.000 26.99% 29.78%

Map of percentage penetration

Percentage of municipalities with branches

Number of branches and ATMs in less populated areas

Inhabitants Distribution of the branch network by
by population centre as at 31/12/2014
<2.000 3.96%
<=5.000 4.78%
<=10.000 6.07%
<=20.000 5.30%
<=50.000 10.44%
<=100.000 11.73%
<=500.000 23.35%
>500.000 34.36%

Number of branches and ATMs in less populated areas in 2014:

  • Branches in less populated areas: 288
  • ATMs in less populated areas: 587

ankia uses technology to better serve its customers and has been developing the “Cuando Quieras” Plan, based on a multi-channel approach since 2013. The goals of the plan are:

  • Free-up transactional tasks, using this time for higher value commercial activities.
  • Adopt a proactive attitude and inform customers about greater use of all channels.
  • Improve customers’ perception of their experience with the bank.

The main purpose is to encourage use of the following channels and operations:

  • ATMs: updating bank books, withdrawals, paying-in funds, transfers, and transferring and paying bills.
  • Oficina Internet: enquiries, transfers, and transferring and paying bills.
  • Oficina Móvil: enquiries, transfers, and transferring and paying bills.
  • Oficina Telefónica: enquiries, transfers, and transferring and paying bills.

Transactions can be performed whenever and wherever, without waiting.

Telephone banking

  • Customers: 4,425,488
  • Transactions: 40,110,854

Oficina internet

  • Customers: 3,983,055
  • Transactions: 1,126,023,743

Oficina móvil

  • Customers: 762,306
  • Transactions: 568,230,019

Oficina móvil Bankia

With Oficina móvil you can Carry out the majority of the operations available in oficina internet, at any time and from any location:

  • Make transfers.
  • Transfer a card balance to an account.
  • Recharge a mobile phone.
  • Make contributions to investment funds and pension plans.
  • Consult, download and archive your electronic correspondence.
  • Finance transactions via the finanexpress service.

The company’s ATMs are in the process of being renewed to give them all of the functionality currently available in the market (paying-in cash online, bill payments with return of coins, contactless, etc.). All ATMs have larger size touch screens, making them easier to use. Physical security measures have also been reinforced (anticopy devices) to combat fraud, which Bankia is developing as part of its continuous improvement process.

ATM Master Plan

ATMs are an integral service point for our customers.

  • More than €100 m invested.
  • 2,346 new ATMs installed.
  • More than 14 million transactions resulted from the network of ATMs the “Cuando quieras” plan.

365 days a year. 24 hours a day. 241,156,280 transactions carried out via ATMs

The new Oficina Internet for businesses was launched in 2014, with universal improvements to the technology, browsing design and quality, with a new customer orientated interface; a uniform, modern and practical image, and a product-focused browsing experience.

Bankia also improved customer accessibility to its financial services offering alternative solutions to physical branches in those areas where there are no branches, because they are outside of our traditional network or are difficult to access, by using “Ofibuses” (mobile branches) and strategically located ATMs.

Number of “ofibuses”
Autonomous region Number of “ofibuses” Municiplities that they serve
Castilla y León 5 159
Castilla-La Mancha 1 18
Region of Valencia 2 64
Comunidad de Madrid 1 35
La Rioja 2 46

Service quality: central to our activity

Score of Bankia’s commercial performance measured by mystery shopping

Comparison of Bankia
with the sector

Quality measurements are taken as part of Bankia’s Quality Plan, which helped to improve the customer’s experience and the customer’s level of satisfaction with the bank. The goal is to listen to customers’ opinions about the issues that have the greatest impact on its commercial activities. The results obtained enable strengths to be identified and improvement actions to be defined.

One of the techniques used by Bankia to measure service quality in the branch network includes “mystery shopping”, which is managed by a third party company that pretends to be a customer, visiting branches without warning. This project enables target quality levels to be compared to the sector and internal improvements to be made to those aspects considered necessary. The results obtained during 2014 show an improvement of more than 12%, ranking the bank above the sector average and the majority of its main competitors.

The quality score of the branches in the Avanza Plan has improved by more than 11 points.

Another important project worth highlighting is the control established to ensure compliance with Bankia’s values (professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement) throughout the whole process of selling products and services to customers.

All of this is reflected in the Quality Scorecard designed in 2014, which enables stakeholders’ perceptions of Bankia to be regularly monitored (customers, employees, society, shareholders and suppliers, via specific indicators).

Nearly 2,000 mystery shopping actions.

More than 10,000 employee surveys.

More than 150 in-depth interviews.

More than 75,000 customer surveys.

Regular monitoring of these indicators allows permanent improvements to be defined for the bank’s processes and/or management methods; to identify outstanding centres that serve as an example to others; and to identify those centres that still have to improve in terms of service quality, by implementing customised improvement plans.

42,847 claims admitted. 19,298 claims awarded in the customer’s favourThe Avanza Plan, designed as a methodological support to improve customer perceptions in those centres that need to improve the most, requires the involvement of the whole branch team to raise the bank’s levels of service quality.

Quality is included among most employees’ objectives, aligned with the bank’s customer-focused approach. Customer satisfaction is an objective for the retail banking and business banking branch network, the private banking centres and those central services that have the greatest impact on customers.

Bankia’s Customer Care Service was created to promote good relations between the bank and its customers, seeking to build trust and offer them an appropriate level of protection by dealing with and solving their complaints and claims as satisfactory as possible.

The service is independent of the operational and commercial parts of the Bankia Group. Its key function is to check that the activities involved in any claim have been performed in accordance with any documented agreements, and that they observe current legislation and good banking practices.

Bankia has an internal regulation on customer protection as well as official Bankia compliant forms and forms for complaining to the financial supervisory authorities (Bank of Spain, CNMV and the DGSFP), which are available from the commercial network.

What is the Avanza Plan?

Methodological support for defining and implementing plans and actions to improve quality in branches:

  • It defines the methodology in detail for improving customer perceptions.
  • It offers advice to those branches that need to improve the most.
  • It identifies elements for consideration in order to analyse aspects that require improvement.
  • It compiles and incorporates best practices from the best branches in relation to service quality.
  • It is integrated into software that includes previous issues.

This methodology provides clearly positive results: the average score of branches included in this project is 8 points above the bank as a whole.

The main goal is to increase customer satisfaction regarding their relationship with the bank in order to help achieve business objectives:

A satisfied customer is the most valuable asset for our bank because he/she will recommend our services, contract new products and increase their affiliation.

Products designed for specific purposes and groups
Catalogue Product Customer segment Description
Retail customers Adapt consumer lending Private individuals Absorbs and refinances loans with customers that are unable to meet their consumer loan obligations
Remittances immigrants Private individuals immigrants Sending money to help family members in their home countries
Payment methods NGO Cards* Private individuals Debit and credit cards that enable the cardholder to contribute a percentage of the net profit obtained from use of the card, to associations and foundations
Down Syndrome Foundation Business Card Independent contractors, retailers, smes and businesses Bankia transfers a percentage of its revenues from card fees and card use with retailers allowing businesses to collaborate at no extra cost or effort
Aquí-Allá Card Debit and Prepaid Private individuals immigrants It offers immigrants in Spain that want to transfer funds to their families in their home countries, solutions and terms for sending money
Affinity Card Carné Joven Private individuals young people/children Offers the advantages of the Carné Joven combined with a debit card, in a single card, for the cost of the Carné Joven fee only (Canary Islands, Region of Valencia and Castilla y León)
Financing Agro Financing Private individuals and businesses in the farming-fishing sector Loans for the agricultural, livestock and fishing sector. Advance payment of CAP grants and subsidies. Investment loans for acquiring and adapting land, and repairing and renewing machinery
ICO facilities Independent contractors, smes, businesses, public and private entities (foundations and NGOs) Credit for businesses, smes and specific sectors in areas related to business and enterprise, innovation, technology and for international expansion
EIB facility Independent contractors, smes and midcaps Financing business projects carried out in Spain and the EU by these types of companies and independent contractors. This facility is not available for projects in certain sectors such as military products, real estate development, gaming, production and sale of tobacco, among others
Refinancing for residential housing Private individuals Mortgage adaptation and modifications to protect mortgage debtors in difficulties (RD 6/2012)
Business refinancing Independent contractors, retailers, smes and businesses Adaptation of unsustainable debt and Cuota-Cero (Zero-Instalment) loan facilities
Consumer credit Young persons’ loan Young people Universal personal consumer loan (for education, furniture, vehicles, etc.) for customers between the ages of 18 and 30
Insurance Farming insurance Private individuals and businesses in the farming-fishing sector Coverage for activities related to the agricultural, livestock and fishing sector, and enterprises related to this sector
Insurance for photovoltaic solar power installations Smes and businesses Coverage for assembly damages, material damages, civil liability, and for loss of performance from lack of sun (hours and intensity)
Medical insurance and modular healthcare Private individuals Access to private healthcare and consultations. Choice of personalised insurance that offers coverage that can be taken out independently or jointly, according to each need
Asset management Pioneer Funds-Global Ecology Natural and legal persons Investment in securities of companies exclusively focussed on sustainable development (alternative energy, recycling, water treatment, biotech, etc.)
Services NGO transfers Natural and legal persons Free transfers to specific charitable-social entities (http://www.bankia.es/en/servicios/transferencias-a-ong)
Correspondence via internet Private individuals Enables customers to access their correspondence in digital format (pdf) for their products and services, via Oficina Internet and Oficina Móvil
Supplier payment service Independent contractors, retailers, smes and businesses Centralised payment service for customers to their suppliers. Flexibility in payment procedures, cost savings, control and security
Service for processing non-resident certificates Immigrants Procedure required to obtain non-resident certificates (first applications and renewals)
Nº NGO cards 97,098. Donations to NGOs €333,967.89

*NGO cards as at 31/12/2014

A total of 423 NGOs belonged to the program in 2014 (7 from the personalised NGO card: Unicef, Acnur, Red Cross, Acción Contra el Hambre, Ayuda en Acción, Manos Unidas, Medicus Mundi and 416 NGOs associated with the generic NGO card).