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Report BFA - Bankia 2014 / Bankia’s activitiesReal estate activities

  • Assets sold
    6,525 (+127.9%)
  • Amount 
    €561 M

Bankia Habitat is the company that used to manage the real estate assets of the BFA-Bankia Group until October 2013, when Bankia outsourced the real estate management to Haya Real Estate, part of the Cerberus group.

To accelerate asset sales, a specific department was created during 2014 to boost sales via Bankia’s commercial network and continuous sales campaigns were launched both locally and nationally.

These included the “Pisoterapia Fin de Año” campaign, in which the Group offered more than 5,000 second-hand homes across the whole of Spain for less than €80,000, with discounts of up to 50%.

The campaign led to a considerable increase in sales, which in 2014 reached 6,018 real estate assets and a total of €472 million, compared to 2,300 assets sold the previous year for €148.5 million. Sales from real estate developer subrogations and the sale of singular assets generated €560.8 million from 6,525 assets.

The Region of Valencia accounted for the most sales (1,521 assets, more than triple the previous year); followed by the Region of Madrid (1,421 assets, double the figure in 2013); Catalonia (840, nearly four times more); Andalusia (523); the Canary Islands (467); Castilla-La Mancha (388) and Murcia (103).

These business areas will be further developed in 2015, maintaining the high level of sales through branches and sales agents.

Sales in 2014 by region