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Report BFA - Bankia 2014 / Bankia’s activitiesMulti-channel

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In 2014 Bankia set up specific teams to develop its multi-channel approach in order to improve its commercial response to customers that prefer to operate via remote channels instead of visiting a branch.

Bankia’s technological improvements will provide a qualitative breakthrough in customers’ experience and in the company’s products and services offered online. A project was launched in November for 30,000 customers, who were offered an improved version of Oficina Internet, with personalised offers and an option to have direct contact with a specialist agent via different means, such as telephone, mail or webchat. This new approach will be progressively rolled out during the first half of 2015 to a larger number of customers that use internet channels.

Bankia will take a qualitative step forward in 2015 in terms of customer experience and its commercial products and services available online.

In addition to these technological improvements, which will be available to all the bank’s customers, a new service for more digital-intensive customers is being developed. The service includes a team of expert managers that will offer personalised service to certain groups of customers, which will include advice on products and services and the possibility to contract these products and services remotely with support from their manager, with extended availability compared to branch network opening hours. This new service is available from March 2015.

Online banking

In addition to coming up with new possibilities for its digital-intensive customers, the bank already has a comprehensive range of technology channels (Oficina Internet, Oficina Móvil and Oficina Telefónica), which enables users to carry out their banking operations and transactions, to contract and manage products and services, and to use the online broker service to trade shares in a simple and reliable way. At the end of 2014, Bankia had almost 4,000,000 regular users of the services it provides via these channels, who performed more than 1.69 billion transactions during the year.

Mobile banking is increasingly important and constantly growing. The 762,000 active users that Bankia already has in this channel performed 568 million transactions during the year. Telephone banking continues to be one of the most appreciated channels by customers and although it is less used than other channels, the number of active and regular users continues to grow.

Numerous operational improvements have been made to streamline and simplify remote banking channel –especially internet and mobile– improving the user experience and making them more attractive, reflecting their importance. These include adaptations so that young people between the ages of 14 and 17 can begin to familiarise themselves and perform transactions via the internet and the mobile app; the creation of a unique space for contracting products and services, grouping all of the options together in a simplified and graphical way; as well as renewing and continuously reviewing the catalogue of products available to the customer, so that they are better adapted to their needs.

Similarly, new functionality has been incorporated to make them more versatile and to reinforce customers’ relationships with Bankia. This includes the possibility to apply for cards and pre-approved loans via the internet and mobile devices; financing for purchases made with cards or for bills paid by direct debit (this functionality is also available at ATMs); contributions to pension plans from mobile devices; or paying bills or taxes with a credit or debit card.

Another significant improvement has been the use of new digital communication formats with customers that are more direct and immediate, making operations more efficient from a commercial and regulatory perspective. They also enable the bank to send personalised offers, important information, business opportunities, useful communications about sales actions, etc.

In 2014, Bankia launched an online customer registration process that does not require the customer to visit a branch in person, instead completing a simple procedure before a mobile manager visits the customer’s home to complete the registration.

Payment methods

In 2014 Bankia worked on developing new payment technologies, associated with traditional payment methods, such as cards, and new supports that are appearing in the market. The initiatives launched include the contactless payment sticker, Bankia Wallet; the virtual wallet, iupay; and the possibility to withdraw money from all Servired ATMs at no cost during July and August.

Bankia Wallet

This is Bankia’s solution for on-the-go payments and combines a sticker with a mobile application. The sticker adheres to the mobile telephone and allows debit payments to be made in shops by means of contactless technology, as well as for withdrawing cash from Bankia’s ATMs simply by swiping the sticker across the machine and entering the PIN.

The app compliments the sticker, converting it into Bankia’s payment application, which provides users with useful information about their cards and the possibility of making online payments. This application will shortly offer payments using NFC technology via mobile devices. Bankia Wallet can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The rollout of this new service was a complete success, distributing more than 100,000 stickers in just six months and 50,000 application downloads.


Iupay is a digital bank wallet that enables users to store all their cards for making online purchases.

Iupay allows users to make payments in online stores without the need to enter the user’s card details, which increases security. For online retailers, Iupay offers an additional payment method for their customers, making payments easier and safer.

Contactless cards

Building on the initiative launched in 2013, Bankia continues to invest in contactless payment technology for its cards with the number of cards using this technology exceeding 1 million in 2014. Furthermore, these cards enable contactless cash withdrawals at Bankia ATMs, making the service faster and more secure by allowing the customer to put away his or her card as soon as it has been read by the ATM.

Servired “Tú decides”

This is a financing service for private individuals that is offered directly by retailers. When customers make a purchase, the terminal automatically detects and offers the customer the option to directly defer their payment by 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, even though the card is not a deferred payment method.

This service offers cardholders the possibility of paying for their purchases in instalments, quickly and easily, at the interest rate applicable to their card. For the retailer, it increases sales opportunities by offering deferred payments with no paperwork and at zero cost.

Furthermore, in 2014 Bankia implemented the following customer service improvements in relation to payment methods:

  • Redesigned credit card statements
    Bankia completely redesigned the format and quality of the information included in the monthly credit card statements that it sends to its customers, providing greater transparency, detail and control over the transactions they carry out.
  • Free Servired withdrawals during the summer
    During the months of July and August, Bankia offered all of its customers in the “No Fees” Program free cash withdrawals from all Servired ATMs, in response to its customers’ increased needs for cash during their travels over the summer.
    This initiative proved extremely popular and was a major improvement to the service.
  • Recharging the Madrid public transport card at Bankia ATMs
    In 2014, Bankia increased the number of ATMs offering this service from 800 initially to more than 1,260, increasing the service by nearly 60%. The recharging options also included Category B and C monthly passes.
    In 2015, Bankia’s main challenge will be to fully develop mobile payments.