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Report BFA - Bankia 2014 / Bankia’s activitiesBusiness customers

  • Customers
    More than 20,000
  • Lending
    €28,573 M
  • Managed funds
    €13,335 M
  • Specialised centres 

Business banking is the Bankia division that serves companies with annual sales greater than six million euros. At present, more than 20,000 companies of this type (34.8% of those that operate in Spain) have a financial relationship with Bankia. This segment is managed by teams that specialise in meeting their financial requirements and generating and distributing value-added products. The customer base is highly diversified across the various productive sectors of the economy and includes the service, construction and supplies sectors, which account for more than half of the portfolio (51%) and indicative of the markets in which Bankia operates.

Following the restructuring of the branch network in 2013, Bankia has maintained its 63 business centres located in the most important towns and cities in every region of Spain.

Business banking is based on a customer-orientated distribution model and specialised teams of professionals, who focus on long-term customer profitability and management. The prices offered to customers take into consideration the cost of funds, the customer’s risk and its level of affiliation with the bank.

Some 34.8% of companies that operate in Spain work with Bankia.

Customer service is based on a portfolio concept – in other words, each manager is assigned a group of customers and is responsible for the commercial relationship with them. The manager is supported by teams of specialists in different areas from the rest of the bank, such as specialist products, marketing, legal and tax advice, and risk approval and management, among others.

More lending

The main objective of this division is to financially support businesses by providing them with credit to help the Spanish economy to grow and to increase the customer’s business volume and consequently its revenues.

As a result of this approach, lending by the business banking division increased by 16.9% through loans, credit, working capital facilities and foreign trade financing. The growth in business banking is reflected by a 1.8 pp increase in the bank’s market share of ICO products to 11.15%, through which it has arranged and paid out €2,394 million, almost €1,000 million more than the previous year.

Business customer lending


Préstamo dinamización

2,941 transactions 940 million euros

Similarly, as a way of making credit more available, at the end of September Bankia launched the “Préstamo Dinamización” loan with extremely favourable conditions. It offers an average discount of 30% on the interest rate and terms of up to four years, which can be used to cover customers’ financial needs in the medium term. After just over three months of marketing this product in 2014, the bank closed 2,941 transactions for a combined total of €940 million.

This desire to support Spanish businesses is also reflected in the increase in foreign trade facilities, to finance customers’ international business activities, which the bank believes are essential to stimulate the Spanish economy. Last year, Bankia was the leading institution for the ICO Short Term Exporters facility arranging a total of €1,160 million, with a market share of 24.22% when the facility was closed. In December, there were 32% more foreign trade facilities in existence than the previous year.

In the syndicated lending activity carried out by the Directorate of Capital Markets, Bankia was ranked fourth in the Spanish financial sector with a 5.3% market share. Bankia’s advisory teams analysed 186 transactions and derivative transactions with businesses increased by 6% as a result of customer sales work.

Corporate banking

The corporate banking sector, which has two specialist centres, in Madrid and Barcelona, serves a series of large companies that, due to the nature of their business, require more complex and sophisticated financial products and services.

The corporate banking account managers cover every productive sector of the economy and are structured into specialist teams by business sector. Similar to business banking, the teams that support the largest companies work closely with the capital markets product teams and are supported by product specialists in the areas of foreign trade, leasing, factoring, confirming and services (payment methods, insurance management, transactional support, derivative hedging, advice, etc.), among others.

Internet and remote channels

The internet banking service for businesses is provided as a privileged channel for business banking customers, and nearly 90% of this customer group use it. Across the bank as a whole, there are 142,169 active agreements for this channel. In 2014, implementation of the new technology platform for Oficina Internet for businesses was almost completed and it is now used by 95% of customers. It will be finalised in 2015. The most important features of this new platform include the possibility for multi-enterprise use, its remodelled browser, and collection and payment operations within the SEPA framework, as well as improved foreign trade operations.